Operation "Feel Comfortable in My Clothes"

Monday, July 25, 2011

This morning I began Operation: FCMC. Following, the same "plan" as I did with Isaac, I'm starting at 4 weeks pp and beginning by running around the block.

Just as expected, I was back in the house before the coffee was even done brewing, but I ran around the block, which is .75 miles.

And that my friends, is progress.

Oh and I got whistled at, which just made me laugh.

I haven't lost a single pound in the last two weeks, so I'm still between 8-10lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. Let's not even mention my lack of muscle tone . . .

For brevity, 4 weeks post partum.
[Don't even roll your eyes, of course I'm sucking in.]


A starting point is just that though, right?

Where you started from, but not where you remain.


Julia Goolia said...

looking good, mama. I love that you admitted to sucking it in and that even the .75 of a mile was a HUGE feat. Way to go!!

Unknown said...

Psht. Whatever mama. I'm gonna say it...you look amazing for being only 4 weeks out. That tummy will be flat in no time. I'm quite jealous that A) you either didn't gain a touch of fat in this pregnancy or B) no extra baggage goes to your belly!!!

Paige said...

Ha I like how you got whistled at. How is THAT for a confidence booster the first time out??

Jill said...

You're amazing!

I need to run. I want to run. Just don't have the motivation to run. But I like how you set a small goal and you did it. You went running. You didn't go very far, but you went and you did it! I love it!

And you look great!

Meredith said...

Your belly looks better than mine. Just sayin'.

But seriously, .75 miles at 4 weeks post partum is a great start!

Lucky Girl said...

You are looking great Leah and congrats on the run!

Anonymous said...

I totally LOL'ed at the sucking in comment. :)

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I mean, you got WHISTLED at...that has to mean something, right? ;) Seriously - you look great, and 8-10 lbs. above? Psht! You'll be back in no time! :)

Megan said...

Ditto Meredith, your 4 week PP belly looks way better than my *almost* 9 month PP belly! Dang girl!

So proud of your motivation!

Julie S. said...

Seriously, for 4 weeks out, you look incredible! Keep it up, lady! :)

Anonymous said...

You look awesome already! I'm certain I won't look like that in two weeks. :)

Good luck with your running! .75 miles is a great start! :)

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

Girl! You look awesome- especially after just having a baby! It took me forever to look half as good after my son was born! Getting moving feels good though! I'd whistle at ya too! :)


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