More pictures of course!

Monday, July 4, 2011

So, how to catch up on the past week? With pictures of course! To round out the first 24 hours of Ezra's life.

As I mentioned, Ezra had a little bit of bruising on his face, which you can see in this picture.

We don't think his fingers are quite as long as Isaac's, but his feet are!

First bath, went as well as expected.

One of my favorite images of Tony and Ezra.

So blessed to be able to take another 4 generation picture with my Grandma.

I didn't know she was coming when my Mom brought Isaac up, so it totally made my day!

Unfortunately, as sweet as these next few pictures look and as AMAZING as Isaac did the following night, Isaac's 2nd day with Ezra did not go as well. AJ can attest to his sub-par listening skills, but the good news is, it was just his listening. Isaac has yet to show anything but love for his brother!

Tony's just a titch bit proud in this picture, just a titch.

Nothing but love, although we're working on kissing on the top of the head or his cheek . . .

My sweet Ezra.

Seriously, teaching Tony how to at least use AV on my camera was one of our best decisions of our marriage. Good job Tony.

My attempts at hospital shots just didn't go very well.

As if she hadn't already done enough, Gina made her way back up to Stillwater to take a few pictures on Monday. When I questioned if she really wanted to spend anymore time at the hospital, her response "He's only one day old once."

Who am I to argue with that?

Especially for images like these.

And this will probably be referenced prior to any discussion regarding #3.

Ezra is an absolute doll, with the most delicate features.

We didn't have quite as many visitors at the hospital which is pretty normal for a second child, especially when the stay extends into the work week. Not to sound ungrateful for the love and visitors that we had with Isaac, but it was fantastic to have a slower pace with Ezra!


AJ said...

I have a feeling the pictures I tried to take of the 4 of you didn't turn out. Too much going on for this girl, between the cute baby and the excited big bro and 2 buttons to push and having to look through the viewfinder (is that what it's called?) Maybe I should stick to a P&S after all, eh? I love these pictures. Can't wait to see Ezra again.

L.C.C. said...

So beautiful :)

Noe said...


Jen said...

Love the brother kisses. Ezra is beautiful!

Laura, Hoosier Life Hoosier Wife said...

Congratulations Leah and family! All of the photos are magical...enjoy your time as a new family of four!

Jeane said...

Those pictures are beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

You can never take too many pictures. These are all precious, Leah. A true masterpiece :)

Molly said...

I just can't stand it! So beautiful.

Ezra is such an angel!

beckylbranch said...

He is so handsome those pictures just melt my heart! So happy for you all!

Melissa said...

He is such a doll! And you reminded me we still need our 4 generation pics taken!!! Yikes!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Love all of the pictures--he's just precious :)

Sarah Louise said...

Priceless- how incredible is it to have such a talented friend?!?!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Ahhh congratulations! He is so precious! Glad everything went ok! He looks so much like Isaac in the black and white photos towards the end with you and Tony, I did a double-take.

Julie S. said...

Such precious photos! He looks so similar to Isaac. What a sweetie.

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yige said...

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Anonymous said...

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