Tuesday, July 12, 2011

- We don't have sunshades in the car to block the sun, so we've gotten used to Isaac yelling at the sun. We've tried telling him that only God controls the sun, but yet we still hear him yelling "No!" at the sun. On Sunday we improvised by giving him a platter I was going to return to my friend Rachel.

- Lately Isaac has been repeating everything that we say. It's not usually a problem because we don't swear, at all. Even the rated G expressions he's been saying have been embarassing us though, and without fail we're still saying the same things, which goes down like this ::
Tony: "What the heck?"
Isaac: "What the heck?"
Tony: "Dang it!"
Isaac: "Dang it!"
[Tony throwing his hands up in the air laughing!]

- Ezra had his first bath on Monday. Oh.my.ovaries. Is there anything that smells quite as intoxicating as the smell of a clean baby?

He wasn't too sure at first.

But he soon enjoyed it.

Yay Tony. Love seeing his shots!

Clean edible scrumptious baby!

- Last night we had an a terrible situation occur, when Isaac had an uncontrollable nose bleed. We were very close to heading to the closest ER as we couldn't get it to stop. Of course Isaac wasn't helping mattters by crying, but we were finally able to talk him down and treated him to a popsicle. Afterwards there was quite a bit of cuddling needed too and resulted in this scene.

Unfortunately Tony was prone to nose bleeds, so I think it might happen again. :(

- This guy and I are loving our days together. It's so nice to bond. Freaking love him to pieces.

- And here's a 17 day post partum shot, although I haven't weighed myself to update on the pounds.


Lori said...

You look awesome, and Ezra is so handsome!

Jenifer said...

Geez Leah, I dont know where to begin! Platter = best sunblocker ever! And, the bath photos are priceless. so sweet. And, you look amazing!! Im glad you are all well I love seeing the updates. Keep them coming. I cant get over how much Ezra looks like Isaac, I even showed my Husband and he agreed too :)

Ashlet said...

You look fantastic and Ezra is a doll. I'm so glad Isaac's nosebleed was fixed without the ER!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Can I just pretend hate you for a moment? 17 days PP and you look like THAT?! Gorgeous, Leah :) You look amazing.

Poor little Isaac--I was one of those kids who got nosebleeds for no reason, too. It was always so miserable.

Ezra just makes my heart go pitter pat--to think that I will have a little one soon & be bathing him or her and snuggling and...oh, it just brings a smile to my face! You are so blessed!

Breanna said...

Ezra is so adorable! :) You look amazing! :)

Molly said...

You look great, Leah! And Ezra is scrumptious. I do want to smell him. Weird? Not if you're a mom =)

Rose said...

Tony takes such good photos! You must be a great teacher! :o)

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Mmmm there's nothing like the smell of new baby. In fact, I was talking to my husband about this over dinner. He looked at me kinda weird. And, by the way, you always have FABULOUS hair. Just thought you should know :-)

Julia Goolia said...

Sigh. I love first baths. And husband's that take good pictures. I can imagine that the nose bleed situation was horrible---glad you at least got some cuddles after!

Unknown said...

You Look amazing!!!!!! SO Happy for you all.

Jill said...

First, I love the bit about the sun and Issac using a tray to block it out. That's hilarious!

Second, bath time is just so darn special and you are SO RIGHT about a freshly bathed baby... Such an addicting smell.

Lastly, you look great! Crazy how your body can just bounce back like that! Doing great Leah!

Kier said...

New deal: you bottle up some of that fresh baby smell and send it to me, and I will make you that s'mores ice cream sandwich you requested! :)

Love you to death lady - you are beautiful, as is the rest of your family.

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Jeannie said...

Although it sounds like a bit of a traumatic moment, what a sweet, peaceful picture :)

Sarah Louise said...

I think if Tony keeps at it, you'll soon have an assistant photographer on your hands!

Julie S. said...

I think Brayden would do the same thing with a platter! :) And fresh babies are the best! You look great, mama!


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