Life around here lately.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Has included an abundance of friends and family, as well as the 4th of July! There's just something about the 4th that I love immensely.

Here's a smattering of pictures from the last week.

Crazy bed head!

Future swimmer or lifeguard like his Daddy?

Tony took his hand at cutting Isaac's hair . . . a 2 and a 4 apparently look like we just buzzed it the same length over all of his head.

Grandpa Don with his 2nd grandson to carry on his last name.

My nephew Wyatt showing off his new bike helmet.

Isaac got one too!

My littlest mister.

A few snuggles from my Mom and Stepdad.

My Mom hasn't gotten to see him nearly enough!

My Dad with his two grandsons . . . anyone else think Isaac has his exact gap?

Pool time would not be complete without a toss from Tony!

Amazingly this did not pop in Tony's face, but did seconds later in Isaac's hands.

At our friends annual 4th celebration!

I swear he's not drinking the water, but rather blowing bubbles for the first time!

So proud of himself, can you tell?

One blessed mama.

Did you think someone was missing? Oh yes, that's because he was. Uncle Levi had to leave my Dad's early due a wedding with his hot date. Things are going very well, very well indeed on that front and Tony and I are so looking forward to meeting her!

Potentially new family tradition, brining the motor home down to watch the fireworks . . .

How sweet it is.

I wanted a good family picture so bad, but this was the best we could do from the whole day.

These two images courtesy of my brother, because I was busy hiding in the bathroom of the RV sheltering Ezra's ears.

Love the joy on their faces! Isaac has now been to three 4th of July firework shows and Ezra's on track to say also be able to say he's been to them every year!



Dani Phillips said...

Love your pictures! Beautiful family you have Leah. Keep up the good work with the blogging too!


Anonymous said...

Leah, these are great - as always! :) I'm glad things are going so well. And yes...matching gaps. ;) Isaac looks so grown up in that photo!

Molly said...

Isaac looks like such a big boy with that haircut! I know you probably hate hearing that. But isn't is amazing how holding your brand new baby can so suddenly make your first born look much older? It's like the age a year just by being made a brother =)

Every time I read one of your posts post-Ezra, it makes me think of that sweet sweet time when I was a new mom to two boys. It is a blur but somehow I remember it and my heart is filled with memories.

Julia Goolia said...

Life is amazing, indeed! Love them all. And Isaac looks incredibly grown up to me lately, too----maybe it IS the big brother effect, like Molly said!

Jenifer said...

Such beautiful family photos Leah. It looks like all is adjust perfectly. You deserve it. Enjoy. Did I read how you chsoe the name Ezra? I love it but cannot remember how you narrowed the list down to it?

Julie S. said...

Love Isaac blowing bubbles! Brayden did it for the first time over the weekend as well, and thought it was hilarious! What a beautiful family :)

Sky said...

It sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Ezra is absolutely perfect.


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