Confident in our faith.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Late last week, before this oppresisve heat and humidty trapped us in our house, Tony and I took one of our regular family walks with Isaac and Ezra. Unfortunately the late hour didn't allow for a stop at the park for Isaac, so we took a route away from the two nearby parks.

Tony and I were discussing our cash flow situation for the coming few months and how we anticipated meeting our needs. It was a great conversation, one of the first of late where Tony and I have felt unified again, and we were very engaged.

A biker passed us and we gave him little regard, until another approached us and slowed as he drew near. With dread, both Tony and I realized he wasn't just a biker, but a biking evangelist out with another from his church. They always travel in pairs.

Both of us wanted to be rude, both of us wanted to end the conversation before it began, but it's just not who we are and so we chatted with him as we walked on the sidewalk.

JW Biker: "Hi, how are you guys tonight?"
Us: "Good, yourself?"
JW Biker: "Great, great. How old are your kids?"
Me: "Two years and three weeks. Their names are Isaac and Ezra"
Internal monologue: Take that! Super Biblical names should leave no doubt where we stand. How much more do we have to talk to you?
JW Biker: "Oh yeah? It seems most names come from the Bible. Do you do Bible studies together at home?"
Oh no, you didn't just dismiss my prayed over and specifically chosen names, because "most names come from the Bible."
Us: "Yes, we do and we attend a church just a town away."
JW Biker: "Really? What was the message of your service last week?"
Crap. I only got to listen to half of it because I walked out to nurse Ezra. . . oh yes!
Me: What the Bible says about Heaven and Hell.
JW Biker: What were the scripture references?
What are we, on trial?
Me: Given that church was almost a week ago, I don't recall.
JW Biker: So you don't do any studies together at home?
Me: This is where we turn around to go home.
JW Biker: Well, I really like to talk with others to find out what they believe.
Tony: Thanks, but we're turning around now and our confident in our faith.

I haven't felt so under attack since college! It was barely a polite conversation.

But there is a silver lining, I am so glad to have heard Tony so simply state it, we are confident in our faith.

No need for much else.


Anonymous said...

I think you gave great answers! Drives me nutty when we get people at our door being pushy like that. Sure doesn't make me want to listen to what they have to say!

Lori said...

I think you handled it well and they were being not only pushy, but also rude!

Erin said...

Good for you for being so polite. Sometimes I wonder if certain evangelists are after "believers" to "make sure" (as if they're God's policemen) they're believers or if they're going after non-believers. If they're going after non-believers, badgering them isn't exactly representative of how Jesus acted.

The Slacker Mom said...

We would not have handled it that well, John does not take people questioning his faith lightly! I agree with the Erin above me- sometimes I feel like I'm being questioned by a hall monitor.

Meredith said...

UGH. Those situations drive me crazy. I think Tony handled it perfectly.

Erica said...

You guys handled it well. JW's know their scripture references well and it seems like they can argue just about anything, which makes any conversation frustrating. Being firm, confident, and straightforward is the best. Way to go you guys!

Bekah said...

Ugh. Because we ALL know that being able to quote scripture means that you are really truly saved by grace.

Last time they came to our house, I was sick (morning sickness) and stuck in the Matt handled it on his own. I cracked up when I heard hims say 'Well, thanks for coming. But we've got Jesus, we're good'

Taylor said...

Part of me is really turned off by those evangelists (and definitely how it seems they treated you.) But also a part of me just knows "There but for the grace of God go I." I see those people often as mislead sheep, and I'm more sad at their "shepard" than them.

Lucky Girl said...

You handled that incredibly well Leah! So graceful and strong. I've heard that another way of handling these situations is to invite the person to pray with you before you start talking about your beliefs. Apparently most JWs are adamantly against participating in Christian prayer.

L.C.C. said...

You handled that better than I would have done! I just can't see that type of in your face 'evangelism' producing any fruit, I just see it as alienating people.

themurrayfamily said...

I love how you handled this! I am pleased to know I am not the only one who is ready to come out swinging when this sort of situation occurs!

The Slacker Mom said...

I had to jump back! I have never seen the guys on the bikes before. Until today. White shirts, black nametags, dress pants? Riding right towards me down 36th ave this morning- how weird!

Julie S. said...

I think you handled it very, very well. This happened to me while I was at my mom's house- some lady stopped by and her first question when I answered the door was "Did you know the Bible says ______" - I can't even remember. But I was so totally taken off guard! YOU know your faith :) And that is what is important.


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