Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I think it's pretty natural as a mother of two or more for the comparisons to begin immediately upon confirmation of pregnancy and it only seems to strengthen when you're able to see both children.

As soon as Ezra was placed in my arms and lay gaze upon his face, I was struck by how familiar he was to me. He looked "exactly" like Isaac. Except, he doesn't look exactly like Isaac. There are so many strong similarities, but definite differences.

I feel like their eyes, lips, ears and nose are exactly the same, but that from there they are so different! I thought that they had the same hair, but clearly not and Isaac had much more! Additionally, while it was noted upon birth, Ezra's head and face are just so much smaller and ultimately more delicate it seems than Isaac's.

When I showed Tony this picture, he said he didn't even think it was Isaac on the left. Oh this time passes too quickly!

As for non-physical comparisons, I can't believe how easy Ezra has been so far! I was very concerned with how good of baby Isaac was that clearly lightening would not strike twice and the thought of a colicky, reflux plagued baby was always on the fringe of my imagination. Amazingly, Ezra is even easier than Isaac and has been sleeping like a dream. Granted there are still cluster feedings and evenings he'd much rather be held than put down alone in a bassinet, but overall he just wants to snooze on a full belly!



Anonymous said...

Wow, they do look so much alike! Too precious!

claire @ a peachtree city life said...

they really do look so much alike! i always love seeing baby pictures like that when i know what the child looks like now - it's crazy to "see" the child in the baby. of course they are the same person!, but it's still so fascinating to be able to pick out their features on their newborn selves. :) you sure do make pretty babies!

Ashlet said...

They look so similar! What happy, sweet little baby boys.

Lucky Girl said...

What delightful little men you have on your hands! Glad to hear that you are pleasantly surprised by how being a mommy-of-two is going!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

You guys make beautiful babies :-)

Sky said...

They look alike, but I totally agree with you in that Ezra is more delicately featured. It will be interesting to watch him as he matures. Praise God for another babe that sleeps well!

Noe said...

LOVED this post! they look alot alike,
Both look heavenly CUTE!

Sarah Louise said...

Oh my goodness! They look so much alike!!!


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