Weekend Recap

Monday, June 20, 2011

For Tony's big birthday celebration, we went to Red Lobster. I know, right? A little bit anticlimactic, but really I think it was very fitting as we used a coupon and had to leave early because our son was acting out.

Isaac was completely captivated by the lobsters and loved when they fought each other.
Isaac 124

Clearly he wasn't the only one. Notice that they're all males . . . Isaac 123

After our dinner, which we were able to swing with some of the money we saved on our trip to Illinois, we went to my Mom's and I again worked on the quilt squares.

Saturday I headed on up to Stillwater to join AJ and her family for a quick photo session and then made my way back to the house to tackle some baby related business! Instead, I tackled photo business, working my way through two beautiful sessions to get them out the door today.

Tony and I apparently used up all of our good will towards each other on Friday and in both of our best interests I packed up Isaac to go to my Mom's empty house so that I could again work on my projects. Thankfully, as Tony quickly picked up on, I returned home in a better mood than I left.

Sunday we ate a light breakfast before church, took on Target to stock up on a few things before baby, laid Isaac down for a nap, folded clothes and then went over to Tony's parents to celebrate his birthday and Father's Day. I ate way too much, but it was a good day and it was so nice to eat out on the deck!

Tony had softball last night and after an intense internal debate, I decided not to go to the games. I was just exhausted and didn't really feel like wrestling with Isaac, who had been in a mood the whole day. In not going to the game though, I knew that I was giving up taking my annual picture of Tony and Isaac at the softball field on Father's Day. It seems silly, but I'm all about consistency and it kind of made me sad to know that I was abandoning the tradition after two years. After 45 minutes at home with Isaac though and I just had to get out! When I say the boy was in a mood all day, I mean a mood. So off we went to the softball game.
Isaac 125

And I was able to take the 3rd installment of this picture [1st & 2nd].
Isaac 129
[It should be noted Isaac is smiling as he is because of total guy humor. I told him that Andy, who was standing behind me was tooting, but of course.]


Julie S. said...

It's so hard to know what the right thing to do is when your child is in a mood. I know that feeling all too well, but so glad you were able to get the photo you wanted!

Jeannie said...

Isaac as a newborn..Oh.My.Goodness.
:) :)


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