Slight Panic Attack

Thursday, June 16, 2011

But not about what you'd think.

Isaac's photo albums.

Seriously, I'm getting really stressed out and anxious trying to do his photo album. At least the first year, let alone 1-2.

I am not organized. At all.

This blog is basically the most organized aspect of my life and those of you who've stumbled upon broken links or my "Baby Bless bump pictures through all of the weeks" know that even this isn't the most organized [ps:: Isaac was not born at 20w].

I'm about 35 pages into creating a Blurb book, which is connecting beautifully to my flickr account, and have gotten to Isaac at about 4 months old . . . but in looking at my cube walls, I'm realizing that I'm missing some of my most favorite shots. It's all starting to unravel and I don't want to just do this album to do it, I want it to be right.

I just have this feeling of doom that if I don't find the time to catch up now, that poor Baby Love will never even have a shot at a Baby Book!

Can you guys sense my panic? AHHH!



Unknown said...

Deep breath, mama. I get it and I know that feeling well. But just think, "if" that book doesn't get done soon, it's not like the opportunity is gone forever. It may take you longer [much longer] than planned but it WILL get done :)

The Slacker Mom said...

I hear ya! I haven't scraped a single page for any of my boys and their baby books stop at whatever I wrote in them at about 6 weeks...I totally thought I was doing better with keeping it all updated on Players but I am not. Then we lost EVERY picture of the boys from birth to like 9 months when our hard drive went Blogger had better not lose anything because I will be devastated.

I still have to breathe into a bag when I think about all those pics and videos.

Marie said...

This is exactlty why I have not become a scrapbooker (at least not yet!). I have only ever successfully created 3 scrapbooks and that was because two were presents that I was trying to get done by the special occasion, and one was when I took a class by a scrapbooker and we made the whole mini-book in a couple hours.

I find it so easy to get caught up in creating the "perfect" page for every page, and mapping it out for ages...

One idea: Maybe just pick your very, very favorite pictures and try to keep your expectations realistic? Easier said than done, I know too well! :-)

Unknown said...

Don't freak out! I am in the same spot, but I think worse. I have yet to create an album of Maxx for the 3 years of his life and now we are about to our Henry in 3 months! I should be the one freaking out! lol. But just understand that it does not mean you are a horrible mom! Isaac loves you for you and not for an album you created! Of course he will enjoy it when he gets older. But you have this beautiful blog that you can show him how much time, care and effort you put into documenting his life!

No worries mamma!


Mrs. Lukie said...

I just want you to know that my mom never finished my baby book (I think it was filled out to the 5th month, when she found out she was pregnant with my brother...and was never touched again!) and I turned out just fine ;)

All kidding aside, have you thought about doing one of those "make your blog into a book" things and just use the milestone blog posts about Isaac? I know you probably post your favorite shots of him on here. I don't know if that would work, but just a thought :) I hope that whatever you decide, you get it done (without stressing!) and have fun with it.

pengboo said...

Yep...sounds like Leah is in nesting mode. Its differnt with #2. #1 you clean...#2 you organize. lol

Molly said...

Wait, let me see if I can make you feel better. I have Landon's 1st, 2nd and 3rd year that I have started a handful of times and then quit because I was too picky and I just couldn't commit. And OH YEAH, I have Brigham's 1st year book. That's 4 books total. The hope that any of it will ever be done is officially over for me.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the feelings you describe. And actually I have an idea that might help. It's too much to explain here, so if you have a chance, shoot me an email and I'll explain further.
But either way, don't worry, it will all get done :) You have so many memories down here, so you're definitely ahead of me!

Julie S. said...

You are my carbon copy right now. I never really DID Brayden's baby book, and photo albums? UGH forgot it. I am SO bad.

emilyhansen said...

Could I help you? I know the feeling of wanting to get it done- maybe I could just watch your little guy for you sometime when you have a free moment? or organize the photos you have in iphoto (or wherever you keep them) into the months/years that you need? Seriously- call me- I would love to help you with this to relieve the stress!

Even if it doesn't get done though- he'll have more than enough photos of him and memories from your blogging to feel like he was special and is special!
Thinking of you in these final weeks/days!


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