Oh, bye Minnesota.

Friday, June 3, 2011

We're all packed up and almost ready to leave the house for the trip that I've kind of been ignoring. Tony is a groomsmen in a wedding this weekend, in Illinois. Yup, Illinois, whereas we live in Minnesota. I'm sure you can understand why I've been trying to forget that I'm leaving the state at almost 36w pregnant, but to top it off we're leaving Isaac at home.


We had planned to bring Isaac with, since our original plan involved us leaving on Thursday and returning Sunday, but were notified 2 months or so ago that it was an adults only reception. Tony and I have yet to leave Isaac with a non-family sitter and neither of us were comfortable with the first happening in Illinois! With a lot of thought and prayer, Tony and I agreed that leaving Isaac at home was the best option.

Before we started implementing our Dave Ramsey budget I had started to put away my Christmas money and other extras to do a babymoon [trip before Baby Love] either with or without Isaac, but due to the monies needed for this trip . . . we suddenly had our plans made for us and the money was redistributed to fund this trip. You might pick up a teeny bit of bitterness about this still, but all in all, I'm glad that we had the money available to us. Unfortunately when it came down to it though, we didn't have the money for Tony to go golfing with the guys, especially when you factored in that it was the only reason we'd be leaving on Thursday meaning loss of work for Tony plus cost of hotel. So really, when it came down to it, it was a no brainer to pass on an almost $400 golf outing.

We've got sandwiches packed, carrots and hummus, apples, bananas, granola bars, animal crackers and cheese and crackers as road trip snacks to cut down on cost. Additionally we're borrowing my parent's VW with 42 miles/gallon, so we're looking at a $90 round trip, which is pretty remarkable!

Really though, I'm talking about the budget so much because it's a great distractor from the fact that we're leaving Isaac for 3 days! I have managed this before, but Tony was with Isaac when I went to MTH in November, this time neither of us are with him. I'm fully aware that he'll be in great hands and people do this all the time, but I'm still the Mom who misses Isaac when he naps, sometimes. I've been snuggling him as much as he'll let me, but I doubt it will be enough to get a full before we drop him off in oh, 30 minutes.

Prayers are appreciated that Tony and I really enjoy our time together on this trip, that we maximize our money, safe travels and that Isaac has an amazing/safe time with his grandparents!


Bethany said...

Prayers sent your way!! Have a fun time!!


Oh what an exciting and scary thing all at once!
Safe travels and god speed!

Anonymous said...

$90 round trip IS pretty decent! Try to enjoy your time away. :)

Jill said...

He'll be fine. You'll be fine. Just get there and get home before you have a breakdown. :) Cannot imagine what that sort of situation might bring on an emotional breakdown at this point. If I can cry about paint at 34 weeks, I'm sure this will be hard. Hang in there!

abby said...

I know it's tough, but I really hope you enjoy your time together!

There's definitely something to be said for time together as a couple, especially without the restrictions of a toddler's schedule (and moods) :)

Prayers for safe travels - have fun!

Meredith said...

Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip!

PS- I totally understand! This mama still hasn't left Lizzy overnight either.

Unknown said...

Oh mama, I GET it. We left Eli for the first time a few weeks ago and I cried like a baby. People with children probably thought I was a nutso the way I stared at their kids. It's hard. But like you said, he's in good hands. And the reunion will be so sweet. Enjoy your time alone and know you'll see your baby boy soon :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend away! We’ve got an out of state wedding coming up at the end of summer, and will be leaving the little guy at home too – also the first overnight without one of us with him. I know he’ll be fine, and I just hope that I find a way to enjoy myself and not worry the whole time.

p.s. – fun to meet and talk with you at the sale this week! I’d love to get to chat with you again – shoot me an email if you might have time for lunch sometime!

Leslie G said...

Be safe! This will be a great time for you and Tony to spend time alone before your world gets crazy for awhile! And if Isaac is anything like Cameron, he is always delighted when he gets to spend the night at grandmas and never even notices that I'm gone when I leave him there!

Sky said...

That would be tough! I pray you'll have a safe and wonderful time, while your son has a fun time at home!

Krystie said...

I KNOW you will have a fantastic trip. Just put all your worries away and enjoy your time with your husband and baby love.

Safe travels!


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