Wednesday, June 15, 2011

- I knocked out 6 rows of my quilt squares last night, only 7 more to go . . . and then we have to actually sew the squares together. I'm awesome at allowing adequate time for baby projects.

- I bought Tony the lamest birthday presents ever. Tony, I'm not even ashamed to type that, because the thing is, I know you're going to love them. Just try to remember that in the past I've given you awesome birthday presents like a tv and a surprise birthday party. There won't be as much fanfare for your 30th, but I still think you'll be happy! Oh and I'm also giving you another son. ;)

- I consented to an internal aka a cervical check this morning at my 37w appointment, because I errantly believed that I'd had some progress with Isaac at 37w. Unfortunately I neither have made any progress with Baby Love nor did I with Isaac, and I just should have passed. It's such a mental battle right now to not be discouraged.

- I really shouldn't be as disappointed to hear about my ZERO progress due to the number of things I hope to accomplish before Baby Love's arrival. I literally wish that I could outsource my brain to make Isaac's 1st and 2nd year photo albums, among other things. I just know specifically with these albums that if I don't do them now that there's no hope for his baby brother's.

- My beautiful friend Nancy had her bridal shower and bachelorette party on Saturday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the shower due to my Saturday wedding, but after a quick respite for my toes, I was able to jet off to her bachelorette party. I made the food part, typical, right?
Isaac 118
I can't wait for Nancy's wedding! Nancy, Kierstan and I have been friends since . . . I don't know, not as long as Nancy and Kier, but a pretty dang long time and will all have married the first weekend of August. We're looking forward to joint anniversary trips in the future!

- Last night Isaac enjoyed one of my most favorite past times while growing up, swinging on the porch during a thunderstorm. There's just nothing like it. Tony knows how important a porch is to me in our future house and it's due to moments like these.
Isaac 121


abby said...

Swinging on a porch during a thunderstorm sounds divine. I've never had one, but a porch of some sort is a requirement for our next house too for the very same reason!

Erin said...

Last night was the first night Annie seemed to even notice thunder - the other times this year she's been asleep, I think. It was pretty cool to watch her reaction! A front porch is a requirement for me too - definitely my favorite part of our house!

I'm with you on the crappy birthday presents for husbands this year... Ben picked out his own present. He says that's just the way he wants it, but I still feel a bit guilty!

Anonymous said...

We had a front porch growing up, but the best spot for storm watching was actually in the garage! We'd open the garage doors and watch the storm clouds roll by. :)

Anonymous said...

Aw. What I wouldn't give to have a nice front porch, let alone a porch swing. I love thunderstorms. :)

Sorry about no progress! But at least, like you said, that gives you time to get things done...right? :)


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