Minnesota to Illinois to Minnesota

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clearly, we're back from our trip, but I just wanted to thank you all for the prayers! We had safe travels, good weather and great quality time spent together. We even made it home with money left over!

We didn't quite get on the road as early as we wanted to on Friday, but we were definitely within a good window. There was a lot to do! We had to finish packing up toiletries, our cooler, and Isaac for his weekend with Tony's parents.

And of course I had to steal some last minute shots with Isaac.
Isaac 098

Giving me a kiss for a change!
Isaac 099
[Also pictured, his $5 remote control CAT truck a JBF score!]

Everyone keeps telling me how much older Isaac will look when Baby Love makes his arrival and I'm not sure I can handle it! He already looks so much older now!
Isaac 108

We headed on out following the above picture and dropped Isaac off at my Mom's without any tears. Tony loaded up the Jetta and with a prayer on my parent's front lawn we were on our way! Thanks to this girl I had a copy of Hypnobirthing to read, but it wasn't long before Tony and I were having absolutely obscure conversations. It all started with a handful of grapes and I was subjected to Tony describing whether it was sour or too sour and took off into the likelihood of United State's collapse in our lifetime. Eventually we moved on to discussing possible moves in our future due to the radio over playing Jason Aldean's Dirt Road Anthem and whether or not those various cities had strong hockey teams.

The rehearsal and dinner went really well and I worked in the hotel room on a session and a wedding while Tony had to do groomsman related duties Saturday. It was nice to just kick back for the majority of the day and not really feel any obligations! I brought my P&S and my 5D, but I just didn't feel like bringing my 5D. It also felt great to just attend a wedding, without any sense of well, anything, other than enjoying the day and couple!

The weather was pretty wicked with high 90's and unbearable humidity, but during Scott and Maggie's ceremony a quick thunderstorm rolled through. I thought it was really neat to hear the thunder and rain during the ceremony and by the time we were outside again it was beautiful and had dropped at least 20 degrees!

Always nice to see Tony in a tux. :)
Isaac 109

The whole college crew, with a few add on wives.
Isaac 117
[Fun fact: all but the bride and one other are not pregnant in this picture! Pretty crazy]

Sunday morning we had breakfast with two of the other couples and then hit the road by 9:30am. Tony and I were both a bit tired, but the drive seemed to drag on forever. All we wanted was to be home and to see our little man again!

We were positively giddy on a rise in Wisconsin when Tony announced that the horizon had to be Minnesota. And finally, just after 4:00pm we got to see Isaac again. He very happily told us that he was swimming in the pool and gave Tony and I several kisses. I think the main point was that he was happy we didn't take him out of the pool. ;)

And so, our third overnight was a success.


Julia Goolia said...

that drive through IL and WI is the WORST! I wish I would have been up for a visitor and maybe you could have made a pit stop in MKE! Love the pic of you guys at the wedding. You clean up nicely!

Noe said...

Honey, all I'm going to say is I WISH I can look SO GOOD @ almost 9 months pregnant!
You look Good! Nice Lookin' couple!

Lindsay said...

You DO look great! So excited for you that Baby Love is about to make his appearance :) And I really like your new blog design too!

Meredith said...

I agree with everyone--you look great!

Also, hilarious that everyone but the bride and one other is pregnant!


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