Countdown is On

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tony and I are really starting to feel the pressure now, especially with a limited number of weekends before Baby Love's anticipated arrival. With the weather nice on Sunday, we took the opportunity to do something Tony has talked about for years, the Gateway Trail.

Basically it's where Tony found himself. Neither Tony or I spend much time on reflection. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this blog is basically the extent of my self-reflection. I think on the subject I intend to write, I write it and I'm done with it, so for me to say that Tony found himself while rollerblading a 26 mile trail system in the east metro it's really quite something. He spent hours skating the trails while he slowly worked through the end of a pivotal relationship and as he made the decision to step away from a group of friends that he knew were not helping him live the life he desired. I've always wanted to join him for at least a walk, if not a run, and so we made it our family plan for Sunday.

It's hard to believe our hands will be full with a newborn soon.

Isaac is the king of random faces lately.

I mean seriously.

Such a ham.

He was all about that stick.

The thighs you guys don't see in my weekly posts.

What was happening while Tony took the above picture.

My response. Dang it feels good to still be able to run at 37 weeks, although as I told Tony there's a difference between jogging and sprinting. I don't think I'd be able to jog, but short distances are still a-okay.

My sweet boy.

We saw so many fun things, including a caterpillar that Tony picked up and put on the tray of the stroller for Isaac. I was really worried Isaac would harm it in some way, but he did great! We also saw some horses, talked about many subjects and walked some 3 miles. Afterwards we dropped off my beautiful May 6th bride's discs and then indulged in a bit of Dairy Queen!

It was a fantastic day! Potentially only two more weekends . . .


Meredith said...

HOLY COW. Two weekends?!! That is crazy to think about!

Beautiful trail, beautiful family!

jen @ homeinthecountry said...

AHHH! I know - can you believe how close we are to having newborns in our arms!?

I'm a little freaked out, but super-excited. I'm also in a cleaning/crafting/organization frenzy. Am going to try to relax and have a date day with the hubby this weekend, though!

PS super-cute photos - do you process them in photoshop before posting or are these straight from the camera?

Mrs. Southern said...

Isaac's facial expressions are hilarious! And you look fabulous by the way!

Julie S. said...

Love that you are still running after Isaac. That picture is priceless! And Brayden would flip over that Buzz Lightyear cup!

Erin said...

I love this post. What a lovely little time that looks like. Isaac is just the cutest!! Can't believe little baby is going to be here so soon!!!! Good luck, Leah!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trail!

Unpolished Parenting said...

Um you can run still??? I get breathless walking up the stairs! lol

But I get the processing thing. I have my blog... and a baby in my belly, so I've been able to process and reflect. My husband isn't as ready as I am. Maybe we need to just get away from everything - that trail looks beautiful. Maybe we can just take a nice stroll somewhere and just be together and talk about any concerns or not talk at all....

Molly said...

Awwww, I love that. It feels so good to do meaningful things with your littles, doesn't it?

Soon you'll have boys, plural. It's the strangest phenomenon. But believe me when I tell you that when baby love is born it will feel like the most natural thing in all the world. You will look at him and wonder where he was all this time? Like he was just a missing puzzle piece that you found under the sofa and now you're complete ;)

Mrs. Lukie said...

Beautiful. Every single thing, photo, person, reflection in this post.

Joi said...

You look great, Leah! Isaac is one cute kid and big brother!


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