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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yesterday was a funky day. I just felt off. I didn't try to be, it's just how I woke up. When I got home last night all I wanted to do was go grocery shopping, because our fridge is bare! Instead, Tony reminded me that he had softball and asked that we wait until he got home.

So Isaac and I ate a dinner of pretzels and Wisconsin cheese curds. Isaac sat on my lap and just reached into either bag as he pleased and contently munched as we watched tv. Not my proudest parenting moment, but that's reality.

Once Tony got home from his game, which they lost, it was really the beginning of the end. Almost every single conversation resulted in Tony and I disagreeing or my becoming annoyed or frustrated. Add to that Tony thinking that I was being vague and we were well on our way to disaster.

Piling on just a bit more was the fact that in addition to going to Aldi to grocery shop, all I hoped to accomplish in the night was buying a cheap hard sided kiddie pool for Isaac. You can imagine what a mess I was after stopping at two stores only to walk out empty handed and to then drive to an empty Aldi parking lot because they were already closed.

It was an absolutely no good night.

And I broke down about as much as I do.

Tony's said it several times throughout this pregnancy, he just can't wait until I have this baby. And as a clue, it's not really that endearing when he says it, because he's saying he wants his rational, non-hormonal wife back.

I want to blame in on the 103F heat wave we had yesterday, but that'd be an excuse.


Erin said...

Dang, that sucks :( Sorry you had a bad night - at least you got some calm snuggle time with your boy as you had your dinner!

Tony must have forgotten the post-partum wild and crazy mood swings.... and the weaning mood swings..... so what I'm saying is that he has a long road ahead of him :)

Jenifer said...

Ah, we have all been there Leah. It's ok. I bet tonight will be better. I always have a funky evening and the next day it's the opposite and Im left wondering why the night before was so off? Its a new day. Oh, and I got Ian one of those pools for $10 at Babies R Us however it's been raining here for the last two weeks. Weird Ca weather. Im hoping to break that pool out this weekend oh is Ian going to be excited!


Oh girl, you are entitled to a mood swing or 2, growing a baby is hard work. im sure things will get better :)

Lori said...

Sorry you had a cruddy night! Hope today was better!

Write to Simplicity said...

I'm right there with you, but today. Heat + no power + little sleep = messy, no good days. Bleckk! Well today is almost over. Glad to know i'm not in it alone.

d.a.r. said...

These pregnancy hormones are no joke!! Hang in there, sweetie. I hope you have a better day and get some rest!

Julie S. said...

I woke up in a horrible mood yesterday, and the day just went from bad to worse. The good news is that tomorrow is ALWAYS a new day- Praise God! Hang in there! :)


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