Tractor Party!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This weekend has been a doozy. Isaac hasn't been sleeping the greatest and well, neither have I, so it makes the nights unpleasantly long. Saturday morning Isaac woke up to a bit of a fever, so we gave him some Tylenol and didn't think much of it.

As the day progressed, Tony and I alternated between house work and prep work for Isaac's family birthday party. It was pretty low key, due in part to the nasty weather outside. Seriously, Minnesota has got to shape up. I know I was all glib when I wrote this back in March, but I shouldn't be seeing snow flakes on May 2nd!

Saturday evening we had plans to head over to see Abby, Mike and Brynna and I couldn't wait! A little bit of social time was absolutely needed. Isaac and Brynna are only a few months apart and get along so well. We shared a laugh when they went into Brynna's room and one of them shut the door, already fighting for privacy! We'd been there about an hour when Isaac asked Tony to pick him up and that's when Tony noticed he was warm. Very warm. In fact Abby's temporal thermometer read 104-105F and a regular thermometer under Isaac's armpit read 103.5F, to which you're supposed to add 1 degree. We gave Isaac some Ibuprofen, Abby packed up some supper for us and we were out the door to Urgent Care.

A ninety minute wait, even with a nurse confirmed 104.4 medicated fever, plus a visit with a less than helpful doctor and a negative Strep test and we were out the door with a prescription for amoxicilin and a loose explanation of an ear infection for Isaac's fever. There was some comedic relief at Walgreen's when Tony and Isaac played swords.

None of us slept very well Saturday evening and we alternated Isaac between Ibuprofen and Tylenol to keep his fever at bay. Sunday morning we indulged in some delicious pancakes, but decided we should not bring Isaac to church to expose any other children to whatever it was that he may have. Neither Tony or I were convinced that a possible ear infection was responsible for Isaac's highest fever to date and already felt awful that Ms. Brynna had been exposed to him as well.

We did some running around for Isaac's birthday party and before we knew it, it was 1:00pm! Time for Isaac's tractor party [!]. I'm fairly certain that even on our restricted budget he was quite happy with the results! I think his favorite aspect was the balloons, of course.

I've tried my hand at cake decorating before and failed terribly, so I jumped at the opportunity to make a Dirt Oreo Cake instead with crushed Nilla Wafers for the #2.

Isaac wasn't too thrilled with his hat, but I was determined to include it.

We originally planned to have his birthday party at our house, but Tony insisted that he explore other options due to the uncertainty of Minnesota weather. Thank goodness. It was 33F at the time of the party with 18F wind chill. Instead of being crammed into our tiny house, we got to sprawl out at the park pavilion near our house. Best $35 we spent for the party.

Isaac had a blast with his Uncle Levi, per the usual.

This would obviously involve punching the balloons.

Because what kid can resist that?

The birthday boy!

Next up it was time to open presents. The "Smile. Cheese." cheesetastic smile of course made an appearance.

And the grandparents made good on buying Isaac super annoying toys with loud noises, but we honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

Tony helped Isaac try on his very first life jacket and we can't wait to give it a go this summer, when we go fishing!

Quick family picture.

My Mom showing Isaac how messy his face was while eating his dirt.

The only bummer to the party was that I received a phone call from the Urgent Care clinic informing us that Isaac's overnight Strep test did indeed come back positive. We were very glad that he already had a day head start on taking the amoxicilin, but felt terribly that we exposed the Hoffman's and everyone at Isaac's party since he was contagious through the first 24 hours of treatment.

Next year, when planning Isaac's party, I think we'll pass on the sickness.


Meredith said...

Poor babe! Hope he's feeling better!

The party looks like it was a blast, and the dirt cake looks fantastic!

Jenifer said...

Poor little guy. Happy Birthday is Isaac however. Your family photo is beautiful. Take Care.

Kier said...

I love your dirt cake! Did Isaac make it through the party feeling okay?

Jeannie said...

Great minds think alike! Henry's party theme this year is tractors as well :) Question: Where did you find the tractor table cloth? I've been searching high and low for one and all I can seem to find is the cloth version.

Great party!!

:( So sorry he was sick! We're battling an ear infection as well so I know how miserable nights can be. Hope he's doing much better :)

Jen said...

What park is that at? I'm looking for a place to hold my boys' birthday party.

The Slacker Mom said...

Poor guy! Judah's been battling a fever since Friday nght, a trip to the ped on Sunday revealed nothing, negative strep, no ear infection, we still have this fever...I hate when it's "just a virus"! I do enjoy the extra clingy cuddles, but man, I'd love for him to be himself again.

Also, cute party! Happy Birthday Isaac!

Bekah said...

Poor Kid! You can tell what a happy little soul he is though, all those happy smiles through Strep!

Looks like a great party!

I need to get Jack a new Life Jacket this year, what kind is Isaacs? Jacks last year was great, but it is too small now!

Anonymous said...

Love the dirt cake!! Hope Isaac feels better soon.

Julia Goolia said...

what a weekend! He looks like such a little trooper despite the strep.

Faith said...

Looks like you all had fun despite Isaac not feeling good. Hope he's on the mend.

Megan said...

Looks like a great time! My kiddo was sick at his 1st birthday and we later found out it was RSV. Poor babies. I am glad that you guys had a good time and happy birthday to Isaac!

Julie S. said...

As the wife of a Case IH farmer, I have to say you are steering Isaac in the wrong direction! :) Just kidding, Brayden has a little bit of ALL makes of farm toys. We are equal opportunity over here- even though that makes the hubs cringe sometimes. Men! :)LOVE the dirt cake!


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