A scene in our house.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Last night I began my quilting projects. When we first began our budget endeavor, I knew that the quilt would be the first to go. I only bought the material for the top, but lacked the funds to purchase the batting and the backing. I made peace with this though and knew I could continue on in making the pillowcase and receiving blanket I'd also intended.

When I told my Mom there would be no quilt however, she wouldn't stand for it! Even when I explained the missing material. In a mother's usual way, she wanted me to have what I wanted and offered to buy the backing and batting. Wait, "offer" isn't quite the right word, she declined my statement that there would be no quilt and said that there would.

And so, I began cutting quilt squares last night while listening to The Voice. Things weren't quite going as I planned however. See Tony was supposed to wrangle Isaac away from me so that I could have a bit of sanity. Anyone who has a toddler knows their immense curiosity, let alone to a new activity like the cutting mat and cutter I was using on the table top. And well, while Isaac was curious about my actions, Tony was definitely side tracked by the show. To top it off, Isaac insisted on going into the "fort" I'd created by the material hanging off of the table, managing to slightly pull the material from the straight line I needed to be able to cut.

Directly opposite of the calm, serene picture I'd envisioned of being able to pray for Baby Love while crafting the quilt I intend to bring to the hospital when he is born, I was instead annoyed, frustrated and sweating. In the midst of this fray, by brother stopped by to talk shop about cameras, software and processing. Things were not going well, at all.

And it was then that I decided to adjust my jeans. I'm sure you know the drill: squat down a bit, grab material on both sides of your hips and while shimmying, raise up on your tippy toes. I was going for a major readjustment.

And it also caused both of my feet to cramp.

At the same time.

So there I am standing in my living room, quilt project on the table, my brother visiting, Isaac excited to see Levi and Tony doing his best to assist me by asking to rub my feet, even though we both know that when it comes to cramping there is little he can do to help. At first I couldn't move, as the pain shifted from my insoles to the side, almost encompassing my feet. I tried to stretch them out, but it seemed impossible. Finally I resorted to hobbling in a small path from living room to kitchen entrance, grimacing often.

All of the sudden I noticed my toddler crawling, trying with all of his might to just land a kiss on my feet.

It was one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful, simple moments of my life.

And I of course didn't know if I wanted to laugh, cry or continue to cry out in pain.

A sweet heart, my son certainly possesses one.


Bekah said...

oh gosh! What a precious little boy, trying to make Mommy's boo-boo better!

Megan said...

I immediately thought of Jesus washing His disciples feet. Servant hood. And how GREAT you are doing at raising your sweet sweet boy.

Danielle said...

What a wonderful heart you've nurtured in that little man!


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