Oh, now I understand.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last week it snowed in Minnesota. True story. Sure it didn't accumulate, but the fact remains that it did in fact snow. Today, it was nearly 90F and muggy.

I fully understand why people do not intend to have a baby in July. As if one isn't normally uncomfortable with their chub rubbing together, but to add on extra pounds and skin due to carrying a baby and you've got a pretty nasty recipe for a complete feeling of gross.

Poor Tony thought it would be great to say that I'll feel less uncomfortable after the baby. Haha! He failed to grasp that it will be worse then because I won't be carrying a baby!

Oh and I'm this close to telling the next person who questions my sanity in having a summer baby the truth. In that I didn't try to have a summer baby but miscarried a spring baby, that hopefully will shut a few people up. That said, I'll take a summer baby any day over the loss of Josiah.


Noe said...
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Noe said...

Well I just find you truthfully cute, and I wish I could look so Graceful
@ 7 months of pregnancy. You are the cutest Mommy to be. Look at. You!
It's your 2nd. Child and you're still wearing non mat tops? You rock girl!
And as for livin in MN part, I'm so jealous girl ! ;)
I miss it so much.
Cheer up hun, baby love will be here soon and you'll be
SO IN LOVE with him, that you won't even care for what 'unapropriate'
human beings say.LOL
And I'm sure this will still be an unforgetable summer because a
blessing has come to your lives.<3

Unknown said...

Oh girlfriend, I'm terrified of being pregnant this summer. Last summer was brutally hot here and I remember sweating seconds after I got out of the shower. Not only was it hot but I was going through those lovely post-labor sweats. Pair that with skin to skin contact during nursing and Eli and I were one sweaty duo :) So, now this year I get to chase around a toddler while growing a babe in my belly? Topped with the fact that my ankles swell just *thinking* about it? Oh boy...Jim better get ready to deal with lots of air conditioning :)

Molly said...

Ugh, I hated the summer baby comments. I LOVED being hugely pregnant in the summer. What is better than throwing on some flip flops, a tank top or sundress and SWIMMING! Amazing :)

Jeannie said...

I pray that I have another summer baby. I had Henry early July; I swelled something out of this world; packed on 50+lbs during that pregnancy and made it 32+ weeks withOUT air conditioning in our house...but I'd do it again. I love that during my maternity leave, we were able to get outside and I also love the thought of future birthday parties...OUTSIDE!

I do agree that I'd take any summer, winter, fall or spring baby over none.

Alicea said...

I remember that all too well when I had Kyle. He was born 8/1 so I was miserable pretty much that whole summer. A/C is your friend and lots and lots of water, too. :) Hang in there!! You know it's all worth it in the end. :)

abby said...

Oh do I ever hear ya :) Mike thought I was crazy for making any attempt to plan what time of year I'd be pregnant - it is for a reason, dear!

Christina said...


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Mrs. Lukie said...

I'll never understand the comments from people :)

I get the same thing from folks here--"Wow, you're brave for deciding to be pregnant during the summer out here! You do know it averages 100* from July through September, right?"

First, do you really think I had much of a say in WHEN we conceived? When we started trying to conceive, had we conceived right away, we would have had a spring baby, thankyouverymuch. I'm just happy to be having a baby at all, regardless of WHEN it makes its appearance.

Enjoy your summer baby...they're the best ;)

Erin said...

I am eternally grateful for the "don't talk to me"/"don't touch me" vibes I give off at all times, but especially when pregnant. My sister-in-law, who was pregnant with triplets but lost one at 28 weeks and then delivered the other 2 early was at the mall with her 2 babies the other day - some a-hole came up to her and said (I KID YOU NOT) - "Geez, only two? Why didn't you just have three?" Unfortunately, she didn't slap them. I don't know if I would have had the same restraint.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my...what bipolar weather! I'd imagine a summer baby would turn me into a grump. I dislike the heat so as it is, but like you said, with all the weight and blah blah blah. However, not long now for you! Yay!

The Slacker Mom said...

Having endured the entire summer being pregnant with the twins and then having Judah in August, I'm not sure that one was worse than the other. I will say this: I am very glad I was not pregnant when we lived in Missouri. Minnesota humidity is bad enough...Missouri may have put me over the edge.

Jen said...

As much of a pain is it to be pregnant in July, there are some benefits. Summer maternity clothes are so much cuter than winter ones. It's not cold and flu season, so it's easier to get out with a newborn.

Julie S. said...

I also hated the summer pregnancy comments. I mean, pregnancy is a whole 9 (10) months, so the chance of an overlap is pretty good. Darn people.


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