Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We had a really low key Mother's Day this year. My Mom had text me a few weeks back to inquire about making reservations at our traditional brunch location, Vescio's in St. Louis Park, but I didn't have the heart to tell her that we had failed to budget for mother's day. I think my Mom knew the reason for my stall in reply and quickly followed up with "Don't worry, we're paying!" I think I failed to mention that my Mom and Dusty are also now on the Dave Ramsey wagon and are doing Financial Peace University through their church. It has been amazing for our family to be completely on the same page, much like in this situation, allowing for understanding instead of festering a situation for hurt feelings.

We decided to "sleep in" which anyone who has a toddler knows is virtually impossible. Tony coached Isaac through saying "Happy Mother's Day!" And it couldn't have warmed my heart any more.

We've been on a weekend pancake kick for several weeks now, but knowing that we'd be going straight to a brunch buffet we each grabbed a few slices of peanut butter toast and then headed out for late service at church. After a great service, we had plans to grab some quick pictures of Isaac and I, and maybe even use the tripod for a family picture at our nearby part, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as we pulled in Isaac had fallen fast asleep. With brunch over his nap time, I knew it was in Isaac's best interest to continue with his nap. Unfortunately there were no outdoor pictures because the rain came in and when the sun finally returned Tony was at softball.

We did manage to grab some shots at Vescio's though!

We pretty much tapped out the impact of Isaac's near hour long nap and he was a little bit of a handful, in fact, he even took to hiding in the corner, which Tony snapped a picture of.

I have such Godly examples of loving and dedicated mother's in my Mom and Grandma.

And while there certainly are hard days due to my Mom watching Isaac, due to the already difficult dynamics of a working mother sending her son to childcare, let alone a family member, let alone her mother . . . Not a day goes by that Tony and I fail to realize how blessed we are to have my Mom in our lives and to specifically watch Isaac.

This boy has my whole heart.

And yes, we kiss on the lips. Neither my parents nor Tony's parents did growing up, in fact, I was always really uncomfortable seeing other families that did, but somehow that's what we do. Chalk it up to reversing one of those "When I'm a parent, I will never . . . "

Can I just say how glad I am that Tony has a solid understanding of how to use the camera now? This picture is perfection to me.
[Well, minus Isaac's haircut]

After brunch with my family, we went to Tony's parents to visit with his Mom and my sister in law before Tony had to head out for evening softball. Once we got home, Isaac and I went for a nice long walk. We were absolutely thankful for the sun to make a return after a very dreary and rainy afternoon!

Returning home from our walk, Isaac and I stayed outside to play in the backyard. Isaac is such a little boy!

Unfortunately right when I started to take these pictures Isaac started to fall apart.

He may look happy, but it's only because he wasn't listening.

The above was the last shot that I took, because we promptly went inside. Isaac just wouldn't listen! He had climbed on a tree stump and took major interest in some dried mushrooms which had grown on the stump. Every time he touched the mushrooms, a poof of particles would rise up into the air. Obviously cool to a 2 year, obviously concerning to a mother. What if he inhaled the particles? What if just touching the mushrooms something was happening internally? I swear I'm not really neurotic, but mushrooms are an absolutely unknown topic for me!


Once inside, he was obviously pretty ticked at me for bringing him inside so the waterworks and forceful movements started. He was an absolute bear the rest of the night and to put it bluntly, extremely intent on being mean to me. His actions were rough, he pinched, he scraped and he spoke through his teeth, clenching his jaw to talk to me. All this said, he would not leave me alone. He wanted to sit on my lap. Every time I put him down he wanted right back up. Finally he started to cry when I put him down for the umpteenth time, and I did too. What had started out as such a sweet day, was ending on a majorly sour note.

No amount of the below had any effect:

"Isaac, you must talk nicely to mama."

"Isaac you must be gentle to mama."

"Isaac you must not jump on your baby brother."

But once I started crying, he tried his hardest to make it better. He sat on my lap and repeated over and over "It's okay mama. It's okay mama. It's okay baby." Oh how he tried to make it okay, but poor Isaac was just too tired.

And that's the real life of this mama.


AJ said...

I'm sorry your nice morning turned into a rough afternoon. He must have been mad that you were talking to me. Isn't it sweet how little boys try to comfort mommies in their sadness?

Anonymous said...

Isaac and I kiss on the lips too and I always thought it was weird before becoming a mom myself. How funny!

Also, I think the end of this post is really sweet.

abby said...

It's still amazing to me that a nap (or lack of one) can give you a totally different child. No question that Isaac is such a sweetheart though!

Molly said...

Neither of our families kiss on the lips either. But we do! Yep, we like to spread germs around like wildfire. That's what we do ;)

You look gorgeous and Isaac has gotten SO big. I think it's the haircut, which I happen to love.

Happy belated mom's day!

Randine said...

I STILL kiss my parents on the lips :)

Meredith said...

Your sweet photos kind of redeem my sucky Mother's Day...thanks for sharing them!


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