Friday, May 6, 2011

- Tony and I are doing a wedding today! The first of the 2011 wedding season for me and we've been generously blessed with a beautiful spring day!

- Isaac grew over one inch between April 1st and April 24th. Gina keeps calling him a 5 year old and then finally a little adult, but honestly he's such a little dude now.

- I had my hair done on Wednesday night. It just wasn't in the budget, so I wasn't able to go in before Isaac's birthday in keeping with my schedule so that I'd have fresh highlights when Baby Love is born, but better late than never!

- I'm so sick rescheduling photo sessions due to rain and inclement weather! Seriously.

- I finally came out on my photo blog and declared my maternity leave and schedule filled, because I'm running out of weekends to reschedule and I do not want to be working up to my due date.

- My friend Rachel unexpectedly dropped by last night and it was such a fantastic surprise! Isaac and Brighton became quick friends and played in the backyard, while Tony did yard work and Rachel and I visited. Of course I had to hold baby Aida for oh, 40 minutes or so. She is just a doll!

- My Mom has a daycare girl who is 7 months or so now, who Isaac has done amazingly well with, but it was fun to see how he actually acted with a newborn. It was very sweet, although I'm sure we'll be on the lookout for him being a little too zealous to love his little brother.

- At one point while I was holding Aida, Isaac started to make a break for the front yard, so I called out to Tony to give him a heads up. It was one of those moments of clarity/reality, as I realized that in just 2 months that will be my life.

- My feet have already started to swell and it's not even warm out yet. I'm concerned.

- I look forward to the day when shooting a Friday wedding doesn't entail taking PTO.

- I'm making a quilt, pillowcase and receiving blanket all in coordinating prints for myself to bring to the hospital. Oh yes, everyone thinks I'm making a quilt for Baby Love, but it's not really for him, but myself. Let's be honest here, there just isn't as much to prepare for the 2nd child, let alone of the same sex, and well . . . there's going to be a birth photographer, so I wanted to make something special.

- Last night we had steak fajitas and a black eyed peas and corn dip with homemade baked tortilla chips. Which do you think Tony was the most impressed with? The baked tortilla chips and the fact that I literally cut up tortillas and baked them crisp in the oven. Love my simple to please man.


Erin said...

Have a great time at the wedding today - what a beautiful day for it!

Meredith said...

Yeah for the first wedding of the season!

PS- I can totally picture you doing photography full-time someday (and thus not having to take PTO). How sweet that day will be--don't give up on the dream mama!


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