Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac Levi!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isaac, for 730 days you have been loved fiercely. Within every one of those 1,051,898 minutes you have known love. Not a single instant of the 63,113,906 seconds were you ever lacking and yet, it's you who have immensely blessed us.

I can only imagine God's plan for your life and am hopeful to aid in it's fruition. You have grown and progressed so much in the last year! We left off here and I can't believe how quickly you were replaced by the toddling little man ransacking my house!

Just a year ago we were hearing "down" incessantly which gave way to "Where'd it go?" at 14 months.

There has been no debate regarding "forcing" sports on you. You're a true sports enthusiast!

We got to take you to your 2nd Twins game! Your first at Target Field.

We enjoyed other Minnesota past times too, like bonfires.

And cancelling plans due to Tornado warnings.

One of my favorite memories of the past year was the picnic we had in our own backyard. It is something I will always treasure.

Mama and Dadu, as you started calling him, started to go on date nights during your 2nd year. If there was any concern how you'd handle this, it was quickly dismissed.
Date Night_0104

You also demonstrated to us that you took no issue with getting dirty! Your favorite place is definitely to be outside. We hope this never changes!

Your love for your Uncle Wee Wee certainly strengthened in the past year as well. He very may be your most favorite person in the world, but I don't think your Dad or I mind at all. He's a pretty cool guy after all and as a friendly reminder, still single . . .
IsaacJuly 010

Just in the middle of summer, when Daddy was growing out his beard, Mama decided to let your hair grow out as well. At 4th of July you had beautiful baby curls still.

It became abundantly clear over the summer that you were going to follow directly in your Dad's footsteps when it comes to milk consumption!

We indulged at the Minnesota State Fair and you had a great time people watching! It seems like you really enjoyed it this year and we can't wait for it to become completely ingrained as a family tradition, much like our annual picture in front of the Roasted Corn stand.

In the fall when you were amazingly speedy on your feet, your Aunt Gina took some of my most treasured photos.
Leah and Co Cull0324

Who can resist your smiling face? I mean honestly?
Leah and Co Cull0334

Summer quickly gave way to fall and we spent as much time as possible enjoying the remaining warm weather.

Because sure enough, winter came in a flash.

And what a winter it was. Between the record snowfall, your first haircut and introducing you to the idea that you will be a big brother!

The end of an era. You rocked out your baby mullet almost through the end of the year.

Finally, we ended the baby mullet and traded it in for a Justin Bieber haircut.

No one will blame you though. It was all on us. Plus, you had some really exciting news to share! Although, you weren't actually excited about it.

At Christmas you received your first hockey stick!

This of course meant a much needed trip with your skates to the hockey rink! I don't think you've ever made your Daddy so proud, just by enjoying the experience with him.

Along with an impressive vocabulary and increasingly strong will, you also developed a sense adventure. Or should I say, unleashed.

Our opportunities for pictures was pretty scarce this winter due to the massive amounts of snow and freezing temperatures, but we made due.

You became quite insistant that we eat at the table for dinner, especially when we failed to maintain our family dinners and would have preferred to eat in front of the tv. We loved it.20110213_0028

Isaac, you've really showed a huge heart in the past year. We love to hear of your responsiveness to other's needs at daycare and love when you initiate hugs and kisses. Hearing "I love you" certainly doesn't hurt our feelings either.

In February you got to participate when we found out that our family will be expanding to include a second little boy! Again, you weren't exactly impressed, but at least we bribed you with pancakes.

Unfortunately, with all of your increased vocabulary and rationale thought, you also began to throw temper tantrums. I think I'm reminded daily by my Mom that she thinks you have my strong willed determination.

We love you more than we know what to do with ourselves.

We pray for your safety, salvation and future daily.

Please continue to be you.

And forgive us when we screw up.

We can't wait to explore with you in your 3rd year and watch how you take on the role of Big Brother. Sweet precious boy, we love you. Happy birthday.


Megan said...

Such a sweet post... I loved going through these pictures and seeing him transform from toddler into little boy.

He's so sweet, I don't think anyone on earth could blame you for loving him so much!

Also? Your random comments about your brother being single totally crack me up. I love it.

Unknown said...

OMG, what a wonderfully sweet way to preserve the past year. He is such an adorable child and he personality shines through in all of those pictures. Congrats, Leah. I can't wait to see many more pics of Isaac with his lil' brother come July! :)

Susan K (fellow July bumpie & blog follower)

Lucky Girl said...

This post makes my heart swell. Your and Tony's love for Isaac is absolutely palpable - Happy Birthday Isaac!

MissMolly said...

He's just so adorable! Love the pic at the state fair where he is holding your face - so sweet!

Jeannie said...

What an amazing post Leah.. Your words couldn't have expressed any more love. He is one amazing boy..

Happy Birthday Isaac! I hope you have the best day :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your precious baby boy! Ok, so he's not a baby anymore but to us mamas, they'll always be our babies, right? :)

And what a beautiful way to capture this past year. One day Isaac will cherish these perserved memories.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!! I know your heart is full ~ what a precious little boy! :)

Bekah said...

Happy birthday big boy!

How can be be two already?! It cant have been that long about that you posted the 'we're having a baby' jumping picture?!

Bethany said...

Beautiful post. Goosebumps!! Happy Birthday to your sweets!!

Jill said...

Can't believe he's already 2... seems like yesterday that we were welcoming him into the world and waiting patiently for the announcement of his name!

Happy Birthday Issac!!

So many great pictures of that child! Makes me smile!

Ginger said...

What a sweet post. Congrats on your little man's 2nd birhtday. That last picture is too cute he is going to be a heartbreaker for sure.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Isaac!

He's so lucky to have such wonderful photos of him growing up! You have such a beautiful family and you describe things so beautifully. This post made my day! I can't wait to have little kiddos of my own!

Randi said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! What a great/neat post Leah. loved it.

beckylbranch said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday sweet Isaac!

Unknown said...

Such a sweet, sweet boy! You two have raised one handsome son both inside and out - I can't wait to see how he interacts with his new brother. Loved reliving this year through photos. Happy Birthday, Levi!

Anonymous said...

Great post for a great kid. Happy birthday, Isaac!

Katie said...

Beautiful post, Leah! Happy Birthday Isaac! :)


Awww, that was one of the sweetest things i have read. And i just have to say that your little boy has got to be the cutest thing ever!!

Jill Schrader said...

We're expecting our first this summer, and while I've always been excited about having a baby, the thought of having a child any older than 1 has been pretty scary to me. This post makes me feel like it could be do-able and wonderful! Thank you!

Bree said...

Happy Birthday to Issac! What a great post and a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

This post is so sweet! I definitely teared up a bit -- pregnancy hormones, I suppose. :)

Happy birthday, Isaac!


Anonymous said...

2? Already?! Sheesh...I feel like I was just reading your pregnancy updates from when you were pregnant with him. Love all the pictures!

Unpolished Parenting said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!! Beautiful post and photos!

Karen said...

It was lovely reading through the journey of Isaac's second year. My little boy just turned two today and I honestly wish I could write like you do. So fun reading your blog posts.


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