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Thursday, April 28, 2011

At my last appointment on Friday, April 15th, at nearly 29w, I had to sit through the one hour GD test. While it doesn't rank high on my ways to kill an hour, there are worse ways to be tortured. I asked before I left the appointment how soon until I would know my results. I was told that I could call by the end of the day if I was really anxious, or that I would hear by the following Wednesday if I failed. If there was no phone call, it was assumed to be good news.

To be honest, I wasn't concerned, in the slightest, so as the following week drew to a close, I just put it behind me. I assumed that I passed, just as I did when pregnant with Isaac.

I was all sorts of embarrassed to receive a phone call on Tuesday informing me that I'd failed. 141 points, with a cut off of 140. This meant that I needed to come in for the 3 hour test. I was not pleased.

My mind went rushing to all of the what-ifs and changes that would be required if I had gestational diabetes and to be honest, I absolutely let it effect my mood the evening of Isaac's birthday. It was just so disheartening to think about!

Yesterday morning I had to abstain from breakfast, drive out to Stillwater and guzzle down twice as much glucola as I had previously had to drink for the 1 hour test. Now, the first cup was fine, but having to convince myself to swallow the 2nd go round was not an easy feat. And then the waiting began. Augh. It just was not a pleasant way to spend the morning feeling gut rot, hungry and being repeatedly poked with needles.

All that said, I made the call yesterday, no waiting around this time and I passed.

Fasting: 77 Cutoff: 95
1 Hour: 154 Cutoff: 180
2 Hour: 130 Cutoff: 160
3 Hour: 139 Cutoff: 140

Hopefully this is as eventful the remainder of the pregnancy goes!


Mrs. Lukie said...

So happy for you! This is my biggest fear of pregnancy--to be diagnosed with GD.

At my midwife appointment yesterday, she informed me that I don't *have* to do the GD test, but if I want to, she does it with food and not glucola. I'm thinking I'm totally down with the food ;)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate that you had to do the three hour, but thank goodness you passed!!


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