Easter '11

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter was beautiful. Just all out beautiful. I wasn't sure how the day would turn out, as it was a departure from our normal plans, but there were absolutely no concerns! There was a bit of schedule finagling due to my nephew's schedule with his dad, our church plans and fitting time in with my family as well, but it was one of the most relaxed holidays that we've enjoyed in a long time!

As I mentioned this year was a bit odd, as my Dad and Brother were flying home from Mexico where they were turkey hunting, Tony's extended family was gathering at his aunt's boyfriend's house 45+ minutes away and my extended family will no longer be gathering on Thanksgiving or Easter. Tony's family made the decision not to drive to his aunt's boyfriend's house, so we stayed close to home.

When it comes to my family though, I'm very sad that we will no longer be convening with regularity. I'm fully aware that as families grow this change gradually occurs, but I just didn't realize the time was now. The catalyst was the fact that only one uncle is able to host our family and unfortunately, the pain of seeing so much family and especially toddlers and babies is still too much to handle for my cousin Kristi and Rob. I don't imagine when the pain will ever lessen for them.

We started the day off with a 9:00 service at church. Both Tony and I have been excited by our Pastor's messages lately and he didn't disappoint on Easter Sunday. The praise and worship was rocking as well and I couldn't stop from raising my hands. After the service, I grabbed Ben to snap a few pictures of our little family. Just a year ago, we were doing the same, and Tony is wearing the same shirt.

So after church, we went straight away to Tony's parents house for a late brunch. It doesn't get any better than eggs, American fries, ham, rolls, fresh fruit and cinnamon pull aparts. I mean honestly.

We kept getting Isaac and Wyatt to hug, but Wyatt wanted nothing to do with Isaac! It was almost like a game of tag, because Isaac kept following Wyatt around, just trying to wrap his arms around him. We were successful a few times, but neither boy looked thrilled!

After we ate Kim busted out some dye for the eggs and also a coloring set, so we stripped the boys down to their diapers and let them have at it.

Isaac needed a bit of help with the roller, but loved it!

Wyatt was determined to put the eggs in the cup, but only succeeded in dropping and cracking a few.

The paint did not dry quickly at all, so Isaac and Tony blew on it to speed the process.

My Mom planned a later afternoon gathering, specifically so that we could have time to get Isaac down for a nap. Clearly, a nap was in order. And we all indulged.

Once we got to my Mom's we did an Easter egg hunt. I don't want to go off on a tangent revisiting hot topics, but while there is a hunt, there is no mention of an Easter Bunny responsible for placing the eggs. It was the same way when I was growing up. Eggs are a representation of new life, as we have new life in Christ due to His resurrection. And if our children ever ask for the meaning behind finding and obtaining Easter eggs, that will be my simple answer. But really, how many kids do you know that seek the meaning behind candy?

I was cracking up taking these two pictures. First, the excited Isaac, running towards an egg.

And boom. I was laughing so hard! That's what I get for putting him in khakis!

Imagine his surprise when he went to go down the slide, just for fun, and also received the benefit of finding an egg!

He did so good and didn't mind one bit if Tony tried to adjust his path towards an undiscovered egg.

Tony was apprehensive that Isaac would lose interest with how many eggs my Mom made up for him, but he was equally thrilled until he found the [almost] last one. There was only one leftover that Isaac found the next day at daycare, containing some melted M&M's.

We had a fantastic meal of ribs, tequilaberry salad, beans and cornbread, followed up with a fresh angel food cake and berries! We happily accepted leftovers to bring home! I was also thrilled that my Grandparents were able to join us. That was one of the hardest parts I was dealing with in not gathering as a whole family, so I'm glad I didn't have to go a holiday without them!

We finished the evening out by going for a walk. Like I said, it was just a beautiful day to celebrate that He is risen!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures!! My fave is Isaac with the egg on top of the slide. :)

Megan said...

So great! Looks like a perfect day.

Love all the pics!

Kier said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day! Love the photo of his face plant! :)


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