Weekend Recap: Boys State Tourney

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For the second, and probably last for a long while, year in a row, Tony was selected as a linesman for the Minnesota State High School Boy's Hockey Tournament. Those of you living other than in our snowy state you have probably never given much thought over the past 4 years when I've written about Tony's reffing career [let's be honest, most of you living in MN probably haven't either], but in Minnesota this tournament is huge.

My parents came down on Saturday with me to watch the game and were absolutely amazed by how many people were in downtown St. Paul for the tournament. Thousands of friends and family, but mainly hockey enthusiasts, like my in laws, make it holiday to attend the games.

The four days kind of muddled together for me. Some days we took Isaac, others we didn't. Here are a few pictures from the Xcel Energy Center.
Isaac 022
[He loved the glass cases with Wild player's equipment]

So hard to get a nice picture with him now!
Isaac 025

The boy was hooked up with Wheat Thins and milk.
Isaac 027

With his Papa.
Isaac 032

One of Isaac's favorite part of the day was when the Zamboni's re-iced, so when we went down to the arena level we had to get a picture.
Isaac 033

As luck would have it the Zamboni driver told us to toss Isaac up for some pictures. Isaac is still talking about driving the Zamboni, which he alternates calling a tractor and Za-bomboni.
Isaac 041

On Friday night, Tony walked into the official's lounge to see exactly what he had been hoping for, he had been assigned the Class AA Championship game.

So Saturday night, I went to the game with my parents while Isaac stayed with my sister in law and played with his cousin. I only had my little point and shoot, but Tony and his line partner, lined up before the start of the game.
Isaac 050

Kind of a big deal.
Isaac 051

Like, you know, maybe a big deal to virtually have every seat take at an arena that seats 18,000+?
Isaac 053

I was really kicking myself at this point that I didn't bring my camera and get my hands on some lenses, but oh well.
Isaac 055

After the game, which was the longest Championship played in Tournament history by going into 3 overtimes, there was a party at Mancini's for the refs and their significant others. We weren't sure how long we would stay, but prepped Tony's parents that we may not pick up Isaac that night. Not due to our being incapacitated, but because we loathe having Isaac on the roads very late. We've seen and called in one too many drunken driver. Since we didn't get to Mancini's until 11:20pm or so, we made the call to have Isaac stay the night at my in laws. It was only his 2nd overnight ever! Both Tony and I can't really believe that, because we swear we're not the super clingy parents and yet . . . there's the proof.

Sunday we got to sleep in a little bit and then got up to get our little man. We swung by Carbiou for a splurge and Tony commented that it felt like we were on a mini date. So true and yet how did picking up coffee turn into a date? The times have certainly changed.

After we came back from Tony's parents, Isaac went down for a nap and I got to work on the closet! Whoo boy! I cleared out 5 grocery bags and 1 garbage bag of my clothing, only mine, not even Tony's! The worst part is that I just cleared out my closet last year for a garage sale. I blame it all on the Target samples that I collected. :)


Bree said...

Congrats to Tony for getting the big game! I watched some of it and I think I saw him, but channel 45 comes in terribly at home since it's not in HD. It was hard to see the puck!

I did see him at a few of my brother's college games this year though and he did a fantastic job :)

I love that Issac gets excited about the Zambonis.

Sarah said...

I was wondering if your husband was going to get to ref the big game. I was one of the many that was there to enjoy the game - not sure how much the refs enjoyed the long, exciting game, but as a fan, it was a blast!

Katie said...

How exciting that he got to ref the championship game!! What an amazing moment for you all! Isaac is too cute and Juan is at the same stage with the picture taking. :) I love that he calls it a Za-bomboni. They are so fun at this age, especially with the words they use. I love when Juan tries to say "pieces" and "few".

leah @maritalbless said...

Bree and Sarah: So fun that you guys were watching! Sarah, Tony loved every minute of it. He likes to say he goes his money's worth at what may have been his last time reffing the tournament. :)

Kallie Brelsford said...

Was this the Eden Prairie game? We watched that on Saturday night! It was intense! And cute headband!

abby said...

So exciting! We watched a good chunk of the game and definitely saw Tony :) I was sad about the outcome though...boo Eden Prairie!

The Slacker Mom said...

How exciting! I think this is the least amount of hockey I've ever watched in my life this year. No pro, no high school, no college.... sad face!

We just had the boys apart for the first time ever since they were 24 hours old. I think it was harder on me than them, but it was bound to happen. I didn't enjoy my night with one child as much as I thought I would- it seemed strange and off the whole night. I couldn't wait for them to get home!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun weekend and I love your headband!

Meredith said...

Okay, you have to forgive me here because I have never seen a hockey game in my life, but are those CHEERLEADERS in ICE SKATES?! I don't know what it is about that idea, but it has me both cracking up and asking all sorts of questions to myself!!

Anyway, congrats to Tony!

Sky said...

Ha! Grabbing coffee has also turned into a legitimate date at my house. It's pathetic, but we'll take it where we can get it, right?

I was at the Excel a few weeks ago when a girlfriend had an extra ticket for the game, and before I left, CW gave me a hug and said, "I'm crossing my fingers for lots of fights."- which is pretty much "I love you."


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