So, how was my weekend?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This past weekend was a bit brutal. Not at all the fun respite that I was hoping for after such a long, stressful and emotional week.

Friday night itself showed all the signs of our upcoming weekend, but we just didn't know it yet. You see, my brother, Unca Wee Wee, has been working out of state for the past two weeks and he has a special little nephew that missed him like crazy. All week long we heard, "Unca Wee Wee come home." with an assured little nod at the end so as to convince us of what we already knew.

About 2 minutes after watching this video, Levi called me to set up time that night to hang out.

So Friday night we expected Isaac to be absolutely thrilled that his Unca was home. Instead we had a whiny, crabby baby, who barely wanted to do anything other than cuddle in Levi's arms. Sleep that night was not blissful and we were up with Isaac often. A fever spiked at some point and even with Tylenol, Isaac did not regain a normal temperature. Tony was reffing a college playoff game in Green Bay, Wisconsin Saturday night, a 5 hour drive, so Isaac and I were in it together from early morning on.

Nothing and I mean nothing made the sick boy happy.

Crying would commence when he was given what he asked for, crying continued if something else was offered, crying did not cease if something else was suggested.

I was at my wits end.

At some point in the day I finally canceled my plans to hang out with my friend Rachel and her daughters, by entertaining the kiddos at the YMCA's pool. I just could not envision it ending well and it became more and more apparent I had a really sick guy on my hands.

I attempted to get Isaac's temperature at around 5:00pm and it registered 102.5F, mind you with Tylenol. After scouring the internet I made myself the deal that I would take Isaac to Urgent Care if his temp reached 103F. I should have just left then.

At 6:30pm I began to frantically search for Urgent Care clinics that were still open. Turns out most in the Twin Cities seems to close at 5:00pm on Saturday. Don't ask me why. Isaac was basically refusing all food or beverage and was virtually inconsolably crying. All of my go-to soothers were put to the test without any good results, not even watching heavy John Deere machinery videos working on youtube. It was dire straights.

Finally I found a clinic that was relatively near by and in a relatively safe area that was in our coverage and open until 8:00pm. At 7:16pm we were loaded in the truck and on our way. I never imagined our first visit to Urgent Care would just be Isaac and myself. We entered at about 7:40pm to be greeted by several families with small children and just a few adults. The expected wait time was 120 minutes . . . but I had no where else I needed to be.

The wait wasn't really that bad. A sweet girl named Brooklyn walked right up to Isaac and said "Hi, I'm nice. Want to play?" Her Mom smiled at me while she tried to comfort Brooklyn's younger brother Mason and that was enough consent for me. They played very nicely for at least 40 minutes as her Mom and I carried on a light conversation. Eleven month old Mason was finally called back and a new boy and his Mom took their place in the kids area. I was |this| close to causing a scene in an Urgent Care waiting area because of how rude this child and his Mom were. Although only a few months older than Isaac, he literally shoved Isaac away from anything that he was looking at. He wasn't even playing with the toys, he just waited to see what Isaac was going to go for next and then pushed him away. All the while, his Mom did nothing. I finally had to remove Isaac from the situation, which given Isaac's sick state did not go over well!

Finally we were called back. Thankfully it wasn't a two hour wait, just under. I could tell the nurse was exhausted and wanted to go home, but she was still kind to Isaac. I was so upset to learn that his temperature was 103F though! I can't imagine what it would have been if left untreated. No wonder my sweet boy was so cranky!

The doctor came in just a few minutes later and was one of the best I've seen care for Isaac. Even though it was the end of the day, he was just so empathetic and it was exactly the care I needed to see. After letting him know that one of my Mom's daycare moms had Strep he was on the hunt and quickly grabbed a throat swab for testing. Before moving on to Isaac's ears, he told me he felt strongly about the Strep due to Isaac having inflamed tonsils, but within seconds he was quickly canceling the test due to a confirmed ear infection. Since both Strep and ear infections are treated by amoxicillan and both he and the nurse wanted to end their shift, I don't blame him for canceling the test.

With just 30 minutes to spare Isaac and I hightailed it to the nearest late night pharmacy to fill the amoxicillan prescription. Although a less than ideal part of town, I was very thankful that the Dr mentioned the nearest pharmacy, because I wouldn't have had a clue where to turn to next! I've never felt so ill prepared to be a mother, first in not knowing my Urgent Care options and second for not knowing what pharmacies are open late!

It took at least 20 minutes for the prescription to be filled, so in the meantime I ate dinner: Starburst Jelly Beans and a Snapple Peach Tea. After purchasing Isaac and I meandered through Walgreens, stopping for whatever caught Isaac's eye, as I munched. Finally with our name paged over the system, I grabbed our pink gold and we were on the way home.

What an unwanted adventure.

I was so happy to give Isaac that first dose of amoxicillan. I know it was my imagination, but I swear he started feeling better instantly. Maybe he already understands the impact of medicine and it's intention to help him feel better.

And he did, get better.

And Tony came home, so I no longer felt like a single mother.

And Isaac and I watched The Man from the Snowy River. And that was the highlight of my weekend.


Kelsey said...

Oh, this sounds like our weekend! I a glad you found an open Urgent Care, that is stressful. Nothing worse than a tird, sick and cranky almost 2 year old!

Bethany said...

What a night for you and Isaac to endure together. Poor guy!! Glad he is on the mend. It is heart wrenching and frustrating at the same time to see your child sick! Good work and amazing patience to you while you were a solo mama!!

d.a.r. said...

Oh poor little guy!! I am glad he is feeling better.

And ps-that is my husband's favorite movie. Ever.

abby said...

So glad he's feeling better! It's so hard to watch them be sick, especially when you're on your own! Good job Mama :)

Jeannie said...

Poor little man :( I'm so glad that things worked out and he's feeling better.

P.S- I don't know that I could have held back with that rude kid...Props to you Leah :)

Jenifer said...

The good news is:
1. this is the first time you have ever been to urgent care. we have been probably 8-10 times.
2. now you know where the closest is, the hours and where the late pharmacy is.
3. your Mommy intuition was right from the start, he needed to be seen.
4. Your brother is so cute, Im kinda sad there were no pictures of him with I in this post. Not sure how this is on the list but hey, I'm honest.
5. Your little guy is all better. Ian has had one double ear infection and that was NO fun! I can relate.
6. It was supposed to snow in SF this weekend and we got 5 minutes of flurries, my Husband called his Grandmother in Minnesota and told her to keep the snow!

Kallie Brelsford said...

You're like super Mom! :) Sorry to hear about Isaac being so sick..I know that when my sister went through all that stuff with her son it was hard on her. I'm glad he's better!

Megan said...

Sick kids = awful, awful, awful.

I am so sorry your weekend was crappy, but I bet the moment of Tony walking through the door was even sweeter than it would have been before.

Prayers for little man, AND for you!

Immortal Beloved said...

Seeing that you are a photographer, and great dresser with a husband and son, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what to where for an on air LIVE television interview? My husband, 8 month old son, and I are being interviewed this Saturday during a telethon for Ronald McDonald House and I cannot decide what we should wear. What would you wear?

Julia Goolia said...

dreaded ear infections!!! What a whirlwind story. Ew!

Faith said...

Poor guy! Sorry about the rough weekend and I hope he's on the mend.

Julie S. said...

That is the cutest video! :) I can't wait until Brayden can say those types of things. LOVE.

Sorry he was so sick! Hope he is better soon!

Christi said...

SO glad you found an urgent care. hope the one is still on the up and up.

Sarah Louise said...

Poor guy! I'm glade you found a place to take him and get his prescription filled!

I'm not sure where you ended up going...but I usually go to Express Care over by Kohl's and Menards when I need to see a doctor at the last minut...I *think* they even have a prescription medication dispenser.


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