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Thursday, March 10, 2011

- As if it weren't apparent, hockey is drawing near to the end! The last hurdle is the Boy's State Hockey Tournament, which Tony once again was selected to work. It is such an honor for him and it's just a great festive environment!

Yesterday Tony was a linesman in the Hibbing/Chisholm vs Rochester Lourdes game and he made an impact. Literally.
[His picture was in the Pioneer Press, a whole 1/4 of the page.]

Yikes, I reminded him he was supposed to be invisible on the ice and not effect the play of the game and he was a good sport about it. Refs have a standard that whoever falls on the ice owes any other official that saw it a beer. Last year Tony ended up going down as well and sure enough, we paid up. Thankfully with the above fall the head officials deemed it "unavoidable," so Tony wasn't written up on the board!

As I type this, Tony's on the ice reffing the White Bear Lake vs Duluth East game. It should be really good!

- I keep forgetting to take a decent picture, but I came home Tuesday night to the sweetest note from Tony. He thanked me for sticking it out with him this long hockey season and for all of the nights I went to sleep without him.

To top it off, he also gifted me with two one hour long massages!

I haven't had a massage since I was given a gift card in exchange for coordination services, which I used on a prenatal massage with Isaac! I can't wait! Now to be strategic about using them . . .

Poor Tony just can't give a backrub to save his life. I did joke that I almost wished the gift cards were for him to take a couple of classes.

- A few weeks back I got to thinking about the business changes I want to accomplish this year and at the top of my list were professional discs. I went about googling and somehow ended up at WTS Media. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that they are still running their sale, but I was able to purchase 500 discs for just under $200.

They arrived yesterday and I'm so freaking excited.
[It's about time I looked legit.]

- I tried this today for the first time and I am hooked. Thank goodness I pre-portion it, because Lord help me if it were sitting at my desk right now!


Jeannie said...

Holy moly..that is quite the fall! Yikes :-/ Glad he's okay though.

LOVE the new disc's. They look fabulous!!

Rose said...

Wow! First of all, that looks like a terrible fall and second of all, I am amazed at the photo someone snapped of it! And in the Pioneer Press, too! Poor Tony! :o(

Those discs are beautiful!

Lauren said...

What a fall! But it's awesome that you have a photo of it!

abby said...

Oh my gosh, I love the new discs! Totally legit :)

That fall looks very uncomfortable. I bet it is such a fun atmosphere to be at the tournament games! It's the one high school tournament that we actually somewhat still follow.

Sarah said...

Yikes - scary looking fall! You forget that it can be dangerous to be a ref, too! How cool that Tony gets to ref the boy's state tournament, though! My family has had season tickets to the tourney since long before I was born, so it's a huge tradition in my family. I'm hoping to get to go both Friday & Saturday nights to watch. I'm a long-time reader who rarely comments, but when you start talking boy's state tourney, I just have to speak up! :) Hope Tony gets to ref some more fun games this weekend!

Jenifer said...

Um that photo is so awesome I'm showing my Hubby tonight. Those discs are beautiful and now Im on the hunt for those nuts!

Alicea said...

That fall looks painful. You might want to give one of those gift cards back to Tony for his use. :)

AJ said...

That action picture is awesome. And your discs are beautiful! I'm sure I'll be adding one to my collection soon ;) And YAY for massages!

Megan said...

Tony's picture is awesome. Your discs are awesome. And those nuts look awesome.

Oh, and you are awesome. :)

Meredith said...

Holy cow--that fall is insane!

I love your discs, and love that there's a printing release right on it!

Massage? Awesome. Justin sucks at massages too--he gets distracted after like a minute and a half.

Aaaaaannnnd, I picked up a similar nut/dried raspberry mix to use as a salad and greek yogurt topper. It is SO yummy!

Jill said...

Holy crap! Does that picture make you want to be a sport photographer instead of a life photographer? That's wild and I'm so glad he's okay! I'm also glad that he wasn't written up. That would just stink to take a fall like that and then be written up!

Also, love your cd! My photographer that I use has a cd cover like that but when we had out pictures taken, she also added one of our pictures to it too! Just personalized it a bit. Either way, super cute and love the new additions to your business!

Kylie said...

I just found your blog today. Thought I'd drop you a line and tell you I've enjoyed looking through your past posts. I used to live in MN -- eagan and eden prairie -- so it's fun to find people from familiar places!

Oh, and I LOVE your new discs. The design and font are both great.

Kylie (jkhenry.wordpress.com)

d.a.r. said...

Ooooh fancy CDs!! Those are gorgeous.

And what a cool picture of Tony--glad he okay though, I would probably have cried, ha!


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