Warm Weather + Great Friends

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holy heat wave! Yesterday it was over 32F for one of the first times this year! It was beautiful, so Isaac and I head out for a few pictures. It seemed like Isaac was confused about the weather and especially the lack of "hat and mitts."

Again the quizzical look of why don't I have a jacket on?

It may look like a smile, but this was Isaac mid-sentence.

"Off mama, off."

Is it an airplane or helicopter?

My big boy who doesn't have any clue what he's getting himself into!

Following these pictures, Isaac and I went shopping for, oh, I don't know, something like 3 hours. Tony had brought Isaac to the Mall of America on Tuesday, so the stroller was still in the truck which he was driving . . . so I improvised. I was totally ghetto and grabbed one of the Kohl's shoppers with the front child seat, but hey, it worked. I'm really happy with my clothing purchases! I got one of the cutest outfits at H&M.

This morning we had to skip church, but for great reason: a semi surprise engagement brunch for Nancy and Nick! The semi surprise comes into play because Nancy knew it was a brunch, but thought it would only be college friends, instead of the whole lot of us.

And I do mean, the whole lot of us!

This is what happens when you try to ask the guys to stay for a 2nd "fun" picture.

Two of my dearest friends, Nancy and Kier!

Did I forget to mention that I'm 20w pregnant! Half way through ya'll! [ps:: I really wish that the North had an equivalent to ya'll, other than you guys]

I wish every weekend included this girl.

And as soon as my husband gets off of the roof from shoveling snow, we'll be on our way to start our Valentine's Day date. Super bummed it won't include the ice skating I'd suggested, but we'll just have to improvise. Never thought I'd be annoyed by warm weather!


Emily said...

So totally random, but I went to college at Augie with Nancy and Kiersten. We didn't run with the same crowd so I didn't know them very well, but I definitely know their faces. Such an incredibly small world :-)

Julia Goolia said...

what about 'eh, der, guys?' for a North equivalent?? Also, yay for halfway!!!

Cassandra Louise said...

You look so radiant! Yeah for being half way through, where did that time go!! I am anxiously awaiting the news of the BIG ultrasound:)

Kier said...

Stealing these photos FYI and will be posting an almost identical post tomorrow. :) The post will include how Isaac is probably the only child that causes me to have baby fever - especially after he says, "Kierstan - BABY"

d.a.r. said...

So, selfishly, I hope you have a lil' girl because Isaac is such a beautiful little boy that I cannot even fathom what kind of gorgeous little girl you two could create. You are so pretty and your sweetness always just shines through in all of your pictures, a lil' girl like her mama would be breathtaking :)

Genavee said...

You have been looking so cute lately. I love that outfit!


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