How Your Husband Can Lose Points

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm not feeling very confident in my self esteem this pregnancy. With Isaac I was active up until and well after conception. Heck, I even played soccer a few times while pregnant with him. I ran until I was almost 6 months pregnant and I was working both a full and part time job [waitressing]. I stayed on my feet and I felt great.

I also watched what I ate. Not in the dieting sense, but in the laying-a-foundation-for-my-child sense. I had a routine and I stuck to it, packing the same snacks daily and eating them at basically the same time, literally every day. I gained just under 30lbs and I was very happy with my pregnancy. I really think that all of these factors aligned themselves well for my recovery. I never did see my pre-pregnancy weight on the scale again, but my clothes fit and I was relatively happy with what I saw in the mirror and I view that as success.

With this pregnancy though, almost none of the above is true.

I was not active before Baby Love's positive pregnancy test. Sure there was a few week stint into Insanity, but that was about it.

I have continued this inactivity. Tony has been reffing so much hockey lately that I don't have the opportunity to get on the treadmill, nor do I want to when he's home, because he's finally home! I know that these are excuses and I should just make it work or get up early, but I haven't been able to bring myself to follow through.

As for my eating, it was derailed early on with my much more severe morning sickness. Unlike the mild queasiness I experienced with Isaac, the only way to get through this time was to eat. Carbs, specifically. And it's been a really hard adjustment getting my portion control, well controlled.

I'm not saying all this to throw up my hands in the air and declare that I'm "eating for two" from here on out, but rather expressing my frustration at my own lack of willpower and vocalizing my need for change.

You would think that after expressing all of the above to my wonderful husband, that he would have the decency to not suggest 20 minutes later a need to go get ice cream! When I finally told him he could do as he liked, but that I would not be getting any because of my aforementioned struggle to regain some self control he continued his plan to get Dairy Queen! Now I know that I should have just said, "No, if I can't have ice cream, you can't have ice cream," but what husband to a pregnant wife would actually get ice cream to eat in front of said pregnant wife?!

Apparently my husband.

But I remained strong and held out, which actually still felt like losing.


abby said...

If it is any consolation, my husband would have done the same thing, except I would have given in too.

I still think you're doing great, seriously. It's hard since you have another pregnancy to compare this one with, but give yourself a break! You are over half way there and have gained, what, 8 lbs? That is awesome and you look adorable! I also hate the "eating for two" attitude, but totally believe in allowing yourself a little extra treat once in awhile. Baby Love will still be healthy, I have no doubt that you're giving him a great start!

Kier said...

Do you want me to start texting/calling you again at 5AM? :)

No matter how you feel about look AMAZING!

Firehouse mama said...

I have seen your weekly pictures and honey you look gorgeous! Seriously. And 8 pounds up at 20 weeks is amazing. Try not to stress. Even if you gained 80 pounds you have the foundation to lose it all later. And I'm here with you on the only way to survive morning sickness is to eat. I'm in the throws of this now too and its killing me.

Krystie said...

The Minute I tell C I need to watch more carefully what I'm eating, he immediately goes out and gets fast food. it's so rotten of him. You're not alone. But I do think while being pregnant you should be eating healthy, but I also don't believe you should limit what your body is telling you it wants. Who care if you put a few extra lbs on? You'll loose it with 2 kids! ;)

Meredith said...

Ha! This is so Justin. He'll be like, "Babe, I'm so proud of you for working out like crazy every day. Here's a giant bag of peanut butter M&M's" ARRRRRRRR!!!!!

Sarah Louise said...

There is nothing wrong with putting your family first- wanting to spend time with your husband when you can! Plus, you DO look great!

Tony is just a typical man. They just don't get it! Jared will probably do the same thing when I am pregnant :)

Julie S. said...

This time around, the nausea has been oh so incredibly prevalent. I hear you with the not being as active (if that is possible while chasing a toddler) but I just don't feel like myself. I am so bloated already, my pants are already tight. Hang in there, it's all for a good cause!

And now, all I want is DQ. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

You will bounce back fast...just as you did last time!!! Don't worry about it too much, although I know its hard to do! You have a reason to be a little "thicker" right now..hehe


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