Fun Outside, Mama

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough to escape the quick sickness that blew through our house last week. First Isaac, then Tony, then me. Thankfully, it really was a fast mover. Poor Tony had to ref a high school varsity game through it, because when he called his coordinator he was informed that 5 other guys had called in before him and there were no more backups.

On Saturday Isaac and I ventured outside and I just had the sweetest time with Isaac, "Fun outside, mama."

It was so nice to be with a happy boy!

I thought I would do myself a favor and put his huge boots on him! My Mom got these for him last year. They are size 11 and he can't move very fast in them, so he was much easier to photograph!

Allie has also been feeling the effects of being cooped up and was such a spaz.

Isaac's showing off his two bottom incisors here. They aren't all they're cracked up to be, what with all of the cold symptoms and big fat alligator tears.

Isaac thoroughly enjoyed picking up snow . . .

And trying to throw it at Allie. He wouldn't do it without her looking at him though!

I love this series of Isaac reacting to Allie barreling past him.

I think he's bracing for impact!

Collision averted.

Clearly it's thrilling!

And my favorite shot of the whole day.

This is when Allie attacked one of our bushes and Isaac was mesmerized that she snapped some sticks off.

Onto his next adventure . . .

"Mama do it!"

In order to avoid a full on melt down to get Isaac inside, which is what I was trying to avoid by bringing him outside, I totally bribed my child. I offered Isaac a cookie. He happily repeated "Cookie!" and started to lumber towards the door. Only problem, we literally don't have any cookies in our house . . .


Kier said...

Bribing kids with cookies is my favorite thing to do. ...wait - that sounds really bad, doesn't it? :) Bribing my nephew with cookies is my favorite thing - even if it gets me in trouble!

Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday!

Molly said...

Oh, I just love his dimples and red rosy cheeks! Can you PLEASE tell me how to get shots in the snow that aren't over-exposed? It's so frustrating for me!

Melissa said...

Adorable as always! :) Quick question... what kind of mittens does Isaac have? We don't get much snow here in Virginia Beach, but when we do, I've had the hardest time finding ones that fit well for a toddler and are also waterproof. We don't stay outside long for that one sad reason!

Lauren said...

Love those pictures...Isaac is so adorable, those eyes are gorgeous!

leah @maritalbless said...

Molly: Megan asked the same question, so I might try to recap how I shot these pictures! Teaching does not come easily to me.

Melissa: Bad mother here, but they aren't water proof. They are just knit gloves and we also are only outside for a tops of 15 minutes.

Raquel said...

I love all of the pictures Leah ! What is it with these kids and their meltdowns when they have to go inside. Jaxon does not care if it is zero degrees he just wants to stay "outide"

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

awww, the pictures are beautiful!!! They came out so nicely! And I just adore that hat, it's so perfect! Sorry to hear you caught that virus, hope it wasn't too bad, friends of ours came down with a stomach flu literally as they were leaving melting pot with us after dipping their food in the same pot as us for the last two hours. I'm still waiting for it to hit....

Ashley Eiban said...

Wow! Love these pictures of him! He is seriously adorable! :) Glad you guys are able to get out and have some fun in the snow!

SJ said...

Ha! I love him walking with his little tongue stuck out. And look at all those teeth! Too cute.

Julia Goolia said...

I love your fave pic. What a cutie and all those teeth!!!

Mrs. Case said...


is there a link where we can email you? i have a question that is probably too long for a blog comment and it certainly is not related to this post. if your email address is purposefully hidden can you please email me at

thank you!


Sky said...

What gorgeous photos, Isaac is such a doll. Good thing you guys played outside this weekend, because the temps this week are awful! Just think, next winter there are going to be two tykes to run after and photograph.

Katie said...

Love the pics! Your favorite is mine too! Too funny about the cookie. Sounds like something I would have done.

Joi said...

Ooh, I just love your photos. I strive to get those crisp photos and vibrant colors but it alludes me.

I'd love a tutorial!

yours truly, melissa said...

adorable! love the vest, his hat, his boots, and his adorable little face! TOO CUTE, all of it.


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