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Friday, February 18, 2011

On Sunday, Tony and I celebrated Valentine's Day after our great time spent with friends in the morning. There have been a lot of posts lately about how contrived Vday is and there were quite a few facebook statuses denouncing the celebration because everyone should be loving their spouses authentically everyday.

Well, in our real life, that doesn't happen very often.

Tony is very much more outspoken in his affirmation for me, a regular conversation will close with Tony saying "I miss you." to which I reply "Uh huh." We haven't gone on a date . . . since August? I think that was it, to celebrate our 4 year anniversary and still trying to heal from losing Josiah. Our romantic encounters are when Tony does the diapers for me and I make coffee in the morning for him. The opportunity to love on each other on Sunday, was refreshing for both of us and we both needed it. So judge all you want, but Tony and I went all out.

And by all out, we both got cards and I bought Tony a small bag of Jelly Belly Sizzling Cinnamon beans.

He in turn, got down on one knee.

Hand behind his back and explained his gift.

He said it wasn't a bouquet of flowers.

But it was from a boy's heart.

And that's exactly what it looked like too, a red heart made out of legos.

It was perfect. Now, only to take it away from Isaac.

My little cheeseball.

Love this picture of my boys so much!

And with that we dropped Isaac off at my inlaws and were on the way to Red Lobster. It first was my idea, but then I changed my mind, by that point though Tony had his heart set on it and since our plans to skate outside on the rink were derailed by the warm weather, we decided to see it through. That was, until I elbowed my way through the lobby at 5:30pm to find out that the wait time was over an hour long! I hadn't eaten since our brunch in the morning, so there was no way this pregnant gal could wait that long! I could see Tony's desire to stay at Red Lobster as I was making the phone call, but connecting with Brasa and hearing that there was no wait confirmed it, complete change of plans. And with that we were on our way to Grand Ave, to have the winter version of this date.

It was, so good. Like, how could we forget, so good! The best part was that we were able to get almost everything we wanted and we still paid the same amount that we would have by going the 2 for $30 route we'd planned on at Red Lobster!

And there we laid out our plan for the future. Drawing it is the easy part.

All in all Sunday, was a fantastic day spent with so many of my loves, but especially these two.

And this one man.


Jenifer said...

love it.

SarahKL said...

So excited to see your REVEAL story on Design Mom today!!! Eeek!!

Lauren said...

Love those photos! Your family is just too precious!

Jeannie said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! I love the lego heart! It really takes some talent to turn legos into 'something' let alone a perfect heart!

Molly said...

Lol, you guys are too funny.

Red Lobster and a red lego heart. Sounds like my kind of date ;)

All kidding aside, what the heck is that a picture of in regards to your future? Are you building onto your house or something???

Faith said...

So cute! We decided not to do anything this year as a gift to eachother. It was actually really nice. Funnily enough we hit up Red Lobster Saturday night. The wait was long, but I had a random craving & the people watching of the high schoolers on dates was fun.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Sounds like a wonderful date night!

PS You always have FABULOUS hair :-)

Alicea said...

Awwww, so sweet! Nothing wrong with going all out on V-day. Chris did the same for me, too. :)

Kallie Brelsford said...

I just want to tell you that you're pretty. :)
And I love the lego heart!

Julie S. said...

The Lego heart totally melted me! How sweet! :)


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