What a weekend.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting a week ago, I knew I was stuffed up. For those who've experienced pregnancy, there is a common pregnancy symptom called rhinitis of pregnancy. This is basically just an unexplained stuffy nose during pregnancy, awesome right? It's the third google drop down when you start spelling rhinitis. All that said, from Wednesday to Thursday I wasn't sure if I had a cold or just a pregnancy symptom. Friday morning, it was very apparent.

I definitely had a cold.

My nose was so congested. Forget about inadvertently brushing my tongue resulting in dry heaving just trying to breathe and swallow resulted in the same! By the time I go to work after the midwife appointment, I was also almost without a voice. It was not pretty folks.

Saturday wasn't much better and I almost turned down Tony's pancakes. As in, I had a bowl out for cereal because my tastebuds were basically useless . . . but they were pancakes! I had to have some.

Tony had several hockey games to referee on Saturday, so Isaac and I just hung out. When Tony is gone Isaac will usually talk to me about where Daddu went. Saturday was no different and when I told Isaac Tony was at hockey, he of course wanted to play hockey.
I wasn't prepared for his authenticity! Check out where he put his cuppy! Just like a goalie would.

On Friday night I posted on facebook "I just want a rootbeer float and the tastebuds back to enjoy it. Oh and my voice would be pretty sweet too." There were a few comments between myself and another hockey mama widow, but not much else. Tony knew of my want for a rootbeer float yet came home empty handed both Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I was disappointed, because by my saying I wanted a rootbeer float was the closest I was going to get to demanding a pregnancy want. It was the most direct I've been regarding hoping Tony would go get something for me, unless you count gyros and sushi, which he also turned a deaf ear to.

Well wouldn't you know that after my fantastic meal with Abby at 3 Squares, I came home to a bag hanging from the door handle outside my house. A Cub bag. It's contents Mug Rootbeer and vanilla ice cream! In quick fashion I whipped this beauty up, as I tried to figure out the mystery supplier!

My family usually shops at Cub, so I called my brother to find out if my Mom had gone grocery shopping that night. His response, "No, but I did!" I mean serious, how cute is that? Can you believe my brother is single? And for you out of state ladies suggesting your sisters, I'm sorry but no dice. My brother needs to stay in the state of Minnesota lol!


Emily said...

There's something about those MN boys... my brother is the same way :-)

Jeannie said...

That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a while...just so simply thoughtful! You have an amazing brother!

I'll admit, once I saw your post on FB, I was craving Root Bear Floats too!

Anonymous said...

I won't drink rootbeer, but I *do* like rootbeer floats, and it's been a LONG time since I've had one, so now I want one. Thanks. ;) (Wait. I'm DONE being pregnant and having cravings, right?)

I do not miss the dry heaving. Oh, no, I don't.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

That is adorable! And boy does that snack look good!!

Jenifer said...

Ha Ha. I sent my Husband to get root beer float items this weekend. Your Brother is so sweet and every time I see a photo I think "leah's brother is so cute and now I can add sweet to the list too." Glad all is well in your household friend.

Leslie G said...

Isaac is too cute. And that root beer float- yum!!

Julie S. said...

But Illinois isn't that far and I am sure my sister would move! :) hahahahaha love this!

Katie said...

Isaac is adorable! What a sweet brother. As I was reading your blog, Juan came over to me and said "why did you take a picture of rootbeer and a candle?"...


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