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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life has been very quiet lately. Tony and I haven't been socializing much, or really getting out of the house much, to be perfectly honest. Our big plans this past weekend were to go grocery shopping and that's about it. I was able to visit with my friend Lacey and take some sweet pictures of her youngest daughter Lylah on Saturday and Tony was able to get out of the house to referee a few [multiple games].

This weekend seems to shaping up quite differently, although that does of course mean a little more moolah will be spent. Tomorrow we get to kick start the day by visiting with our favorite midwife. I'm excited to run a few questions past her to hear her input, like:

- What NICU Baby Love would be transferred to in the event of an escalated situation? I know from the hospitals website that they have a Level II nursery, but just like the hospital I delivered Isaac at, they do not have a NICU.

- What her position would be regarding a breech birth? For any of my birthie mamas she is a CNM and I will be delivering at a hospital, so I'm anxious that I would still be recommended for a c-section.

- Whether or not a pulse oximetry screening will be available for Baby Love after the first day? This story is not for the faint of heart, but Cora's mama has done a lot through the internets to share her daughter's story and the need for additional heart tests that could diagnose a CHD [congenital heart defect].

We should also be able to hear Baby Love's heartbeat again! I will ride on that high until Feb 15th. Ahh! I can't wait until this time tomorrow. We don't have any plans for tomorrow evening, but I'm certainly okay with that! Tony has had so much hockey lately, it will be nice to just have dinner and watch a movie. A movie, I know, crazy. I've watched a movie a week for the past few! Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I am not a movie person, so Tony is just loving this change!

Saturday morning, I think I want to pack the family up and go to the Midtown Global Market, a la Erin. We'll see what Tony thinks. Tony has two games on Saturday, so he'll be missing out when Abby and I meet up for dinner! She told me I get to choose the restaurant. The obvious choice is Sawatdee . . . but I may change it up. Who knows, maybe I'll be adventurous. Then on Sunday we're going to reconvene our small group for a pizza dinner. That to me sounds like a stellar weekend!

Oh and maybe I'll take some pictures of my son. :( Stupid cold weather.


Kier said...

Sometimes a trip to the grocery store cuddling up with a movie is all you need for a perfect weekend!

And...if I come home this weekend, can I go to the market with you? That is all I need in order to have a perfect weekend!

Erin said...

yesss, glad you were inspired to check out midtown global market! My neighbors went last weekend. It really is the perfect place to go on a bitterly cold January day!

Amy said...

Cora's story is heartbreaking but she is amazing to get her story out there to help other babies.

with the snow we just got which is not in any comparasion to what you norterner's get :) we are staying in with good movies too :)

abby said...

That does sound like a lovely weekend :) So exciting to hear the heartbeat!

Unknown said...

I'm sure it will be available after 24 hours. All hospitals have the equipment. The good news is that because of recent federally developments, soon every baby will be automatically screened. I wrote this for you to print off and take with you to the hospital to make it easier to talk to your doctors.

Congrats on baby love!

Unknown said...

Not sure if your remember me, but you took photos of Meghan last year. She was breech (we found out via U/S at 36w). We along with my OB decided to do an external version at 37w. She flipped and was head down. We ended up with a c-section for other reasons.

Julie S. said...

Sounds like a GREAT weekend to me, especially the part about pizza!

Megan said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Can't wait for February 15th!


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