New Year's Eve

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Eve was my 2nd day off of the week, not that I get to enjoy sleeping in anymore, but it was a great Friday none the less.

Tony and I had plans after he came home from reffing his 9th [?] game out of 13 for the week to pop a movie in, feast on a mini buffet of appetizers and switch over the ball drop, just like we did to ring in 2010. And we did do all of the above, plus an impromtu Black and White party at Aaron and Erik's.

My high school friends, oh my high school friends. Just be prepared when you're around me people, it will be documented.

Love this group shot!

Aaron and Missy, still crazy to me that they're together! Missy was my "little sister" when I was in 2nd grade and she Kindergarten. Aaron was the first person I met in high school, when he introduced himself as Bond, James Bond.

Steve needs a niece or nephew! He loves to spend time with Isaac!

We only stayed an hour and were back home by 9:30. I was really worried about being on the roads. Without fail, if I am on the road NYE, I end up calling in and following a suspected drunk driver until the police arrive. Add to that the fact that we'd had freezing rain and I was really concerned about our friends, let alone us being on the road. Amazingly there were less than 200 accidents and no fatalities NYE!

So, we returned home, popped in Miracle, nibbled at our snacks. I wrote this recap of 2010 and just minutes before 12:00 Isaac fell asleep on the floor. He has just been go-go-go, until he's out. So we were both really surprised by how quickly he was asleep by how active he had been right up until 11:56. Our little family snuggled up right before the ball dropped . . .

And I had my first kiss of the new year, with the only man I'd want!


Jeannie said...

Looks like you had a great NYE! I wish we would have stayed home and I could have rang in the New Year with H :-/

Happy 2011 Leah and fam!! It's going to be a great one :-)

Megan said...

I don't know if it's you or me, but every post you've written lately has had me in tears! Love your little family!

Lucky Girl said...

Adorable! Happy New Year and I hope this year is absolutely amazing for you and your family!

Cassandra Louise said...

Cute New Years Eve family photo!!
Speaking of photo's...Small world! I just realized that you took pictures/know Melissa and her family. Here's the kicker, the pictures were taken at my parents house:)I swear the world gets smaller everyday!


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