Friday, January 28, 2011

- I gave Isaac both frozen coconut in a bag to chew on and ice cream tonight because Oragel and Tylenol just can't seem to touch his teething. Thankfully the bottom two incisors have cut, and I can't see the top ones well enough. I know the 2 year molars are just around the corner though.

- My Grandpa was taken by ambulance to the hospital tonight. They thought he was having a heart attack, but decided it was just that his oxygen level was low. He was admitted. Prayers are certainly welcomed.

- I'm second shooting for a different photog tomorrow, our friend from church. I'm really excited, but also nervous. It's like a working job interview. On Sunday I have an engagement session, so lots of photography work this weekend!

- Tony drove all the way down to a SuperTarget on the other side of town for me because Target guest relations told us that they had Grapefruit La Croix water. I was so happy with his effort, I honestly didn't care that he came home empty handed, except for major annoyance with Target.


Katie said...

Poor baby teeth and poor baby! :(

Prayers for your grandpa.

Good luck with the picture taking. I'm sure you'll do amazingly amazing!

I would be SO annoyed with Target too. Maybe he could send an email to corporate. I think you deserve some free grapefruit water! :)

Rachel said...

so glad he is doing ok, I have been praying since I got your text.


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