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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Well, it looks like life isn't going according to our plan, which is generally why I hate planning.

Tony has been working for the residential remodeling company that he was employed by when we first met, and subsequently the first employer that laid him off. We've known since the beginning of November that jobs were light after Christmas, but it turns out their scheduling was off. We were told yesterday that starting next week hours will be light. Merry Christmas to all.

Tony has the opportunity to work hockey games and he does have his schedule pretty full! Thankfully that hockey money will come in handy, as will the the side design job he picked up. He's basically working as an independent contractor for a freelance design house and has been told that he could bring in as much work as he wants. The only problem with this company is that their job estimating is off. Tony just completed a job in 20 hours that was estimated for 8 . . . and he won't get paid for the full 20. This is the first time that this has occurred, so there's obviously a learning curve and a level of communication has to be established. That said, I'm a little leery that Tony might not get what he's due when working for this company. Regardless, I'm very grateful for the opportunities God has given our family.

One such gift is that my Dad has allowed us to drive his old Chevy truck with 340,000 miles on it since early this year. During this time we have steadfastly paid down debt, to be in a position this winter to purchase a vehicle for under $3,500 in cash. Unfortunately, it seems as though that time is now.

I haven't felt completely comfortable driving Isaac in the truck as it has a third door to access the back seat. I've always been a little unsettled that in the event of an accident that Isaac would be virtually inaccessible to me. Additionally, the horn doesn't work. Thankfully Isaac has never been in the truck when it's happened, but several times I've had to slam on my brakes, swerve or hope that a vehicle sees me because I've been unable to honk to let them know of my presence! Well, the real kicker now is that the passenger door no longer opens from the outside. Meaning with Isaac I have to enter the driver side, open the passenger door and then buckle Isaac in. Don't even get me started on the safety issue. Clearly, we need a new vehicle.

Thankfully, through God's provision we do have money available to us. We had just appointed it to other purposes, one of which being getting us through the winter if Tony was unable to work enough.

I would really covet your prayers that God guide us in this purchasing decision. Some of you may remember the absolute debacle we endured when we purchased our last vehicle in 2008, the Saturn Vue. I hope that God will tug on my heart as much as He did then to show His favor. I will absolutely listen this time.


Unknown said...

Prayers for guidance, Leah, as I know all to well what it feels like when plans derail!

Bekah said...

praying. My FIL owns a car dealership, yet STILL we find ourselves with lemons (matts car right now? ugh) it can be so hit or miss. Ill be praying for you guys

Sky said...

You have my prayers. Isn't it amazing how God always comes through? I know Christmas seems like a less than ideal time to be struggling, but maybe its the perfect time to cherish the little joys that we miss when things are "perfect."

carO__ said...

I know this is going to sound strange, but this post is such an encouragment! We, like you and many, are facing hard times right now. With Christmas presents and a 2nd birthday coming up I feel like so matter what we do money isn't in our favor. It's encouraging in the exact time I needed it you point out TRUST GOD. God has a plan and will provide for our (and your) family. Maybe it's in a way we aren't even thinking about right now, but it will come, eventually.
Thanks for writing this :)

Julie S. said...

I love your honesty. I am praying for God's provisions for your family!

Katie said...

Thinking of you!

Abbey said...

Praying for you Leah...I miss you!


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