Oh the weather outside is weather.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I totally stole the title from a friend's facebook status, but it about summed up our experience this weekend. While at times powerful, unnerving and ultimately effective, the weather this weekend was just that, weather.

Tony and I were positively giddy driving home from church yesterday at the height of the snowbanks. The brisk chill of a negative degree high, before factoring in windchill coupled with snowbanks that are chest high reminds us of the winters of our childhood.

I'm totally getting ahead of myself.

When we woke up Saturday morning the flurries were pretty fierce. As the day drew on they gathered in strength. Ultimately they did not disappoint! While I did not hear an official snowfall for our city, between the ones that were mentioned I would safely say we received 17". At about 2:00pm Tony donned his snowgear to beginning shoveling us out. After 30 minutes outside he came back in and declared his defeat. It was absolutely ridiculous to fight the snow by hand, especially with the offense of the wind. Thankfully we were able to borrow my Stepdad's snow blower.

The weather was not kind to my hubby.

But Isaac didn't seem to mind.

We're nurturing another die hard Minnesotan.

You can not get this kid indoors.

Especially when he had something fun to look at, like the sweet fun his Daddy was having.

I have a picture from when I was 2 extremely similar to this one and just knew we had to do it again! [We took one much the same last year as well :)]

Once again, I will extol the praises of this hat! So very happy with this purchase.

My rugged outdoorsmen.

Tony can never pass up the opportunity to land a kiss on Isaac or myself.

Love this man, even when he's frozen.

Thankfully his face didn't freeze off.

After a few hours spent outside, returning the snowblower to my parents and redoing their drive, Tony came home. My brother joined us for dinner and we ate the most suitable meal, chili with cornbread! We had plans to duel it out on Gina's Wii, but It's a Wonderful Life was on. Tony had only seen a bit of it, I know the horrors, so the 4 of us, Isaac included watched it. We did finally get to the Wii, but I was too sore from playing throughout the day to partake.

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day again hunkered down but did make it to church, a photo session and had dinner with my Dad, Stepmom and brother at Acapulco. I hadn't been to Acapulco in months and it did not disappoint! What did disappoint yesterday was the collapse of the Metrodome and resulting reschedule of the Vikings game. No biggie though, I'm used to the Viking's disappointing.

If you haven't seen the video of the roof collapse, here's the link. It really is impressive!

This morning we woke up to a -10 temperature. Like it or not, it's winter in Minnesota.


Alicea said...

I giggled when I saw your title. I've been singing that around our house lately "oh the weather outside is weather". It's from a movie, but can't remember which one!

Acapulco sounds soooooo good. My favorite Mexican restaurant. I haven't had it in over a year, though!

SJ said...

Wow, and I was excited about our one inch of snow! Stay warm!

Write to Simplicity said...

Dear Leah,

I guess it's times like this that my non-Minnesota routes shine throug.h I'm struggling!! Snow I can handle. -10 I cannot!

Jeannie said...

When weather like this hits, I always find myself asking why I live here? And of course, it's because, as much as a nousense the pesky snow can be, it has a beauty to it and I would miss it.

Meredith said...

Holy. Cow.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how you handle that kind of cold. It was 29 in Texas this morning when I went to boot camp and I really thought I was dying. I stood in the shower for 20 mins to warm up!

The Conway's said...

I loved your pictures. Sweet little Isaac had snow in his eyelashes in one picture...my favorite!!

Julie S. said...

Good thing Isaac loves the snow! Brayden isn't quite sure about it just yet!

Unknown said...

Daaaaaaaaang! That is a lot of freakin snow. We barely touched that amount.

Oh, and that line is from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", which is an awesomely funny movie!

Katie said...

My how different Minnesota is from Georgia. Juan has a coat, but he's maybe had it on twice...and no snow pants. Isaac is so adorable!


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