Christmas, a week early.

Monday, December 20, 2010

We got to celebrate Christmas with my Mom yesterday, as she had surgery today on her shoulder and we were all uncertain how she would be feeling on her birthday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

We had a great great evening! My Mom is even considering making it our new Christmas tradition. We started off with a family picture, since we just found my tripod. My Mom really wanted to do a family session this fall, but the timing never worked out. I figured this would be a partial Christmas present as well.

We then moved on to reading Jesus' Birth from the Bible, as is our family tradition.
Disregard the undecorated Christmas tree, due to my Mom's shoulder and surgery, it was called a success that the tree was up and lit.

In honor of my Grandma D, who passed this fall, my Mom gave my Stepdad some chocolate covered peanut brittle, which my Grandma was always known for. Even though he's talking to the dog, he had just gotten over shedding a few tears, as did we.

Isaac got four turtles and he was excited about each and every one of them! Although I think the sea turtle which projects stars on the ceiling is his favorite.

He was slow to warm up to this one from my Stepbrother, but he was all over it this morning according to Tony.

Little Daniel, as taken by my brother.

These two were partners in crime, all evening!

We got Levi a thermos coffee mug, like I got for Tony last year, and he was so excited this morning. I received three text messages regarding how long his coffee was hot. It really is the little things in life!

I can not remember what this gift was! Clearly my Stepdad enjoyed it though!

Little Daniel was all about Iron Man this year and boy did he score with Iron Man toys!

Finally my Mom received tickets to the River Dance. Yeah, I know she's about 15 years too late, but she was still super excited!

Next came the food. Clearly, I put the camera down. Our menu was just like when we were younger and had a snowed in night of eating by the fireplace: Hot dogs! My Mom had two different wieners, plus mini hot dogs, an assortment of relishes, pickles, dip and even chili to put on our dogs! It was such a great evening!

We then lost Tony to a new book, Raising Stanley. It's an anthology of stories regarding the history and celebrations of the Stanley Cup.

As an update on my Mom, she is now out of surgery. Unfortunately she fully tore her rotator cuff, instead of the partial tear they suspected. Only my Mom could have a fully torn rotator cuff for two years while caring for 8 plus children. The downside to all this is that the recovery is supposedly longer for a full tear and she is only able to take 2 weeks of vacation, starting today. Her plan had been to have a friend's daughter help be her arms for two weeks while she was off from school. Now we're kind of scrambling to figure out how to best help her to extend her recovery time. I just may be using my week of vacation accumulated so far to stay home and help her. That's what you do for family! Prayers are appreciated as she recovers!


Jenifer said...

We wish your Mother a fast recovery! Im glad you had a great celebration. And Ian has that turtle that depicts the constellations. We turn it on every night and he watches it while he falls asleep. Love it.

Kier said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Give your mom and gentle hug for me and tell her I hope she feels well.

And...where is your sweater from!? So cute!!

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I'm definitely keeping that book in mind for my husband! He's a hockey player, too...and an avid reader.

Jeannie said...

It's such a great idea to have a Christmas early...than theres no need to feel rushed to get to another or a lot of running around in one day.

It sure looks like you all had a great Christmas!

Bekah said...

I was praying for her today, Im sorry to hear the tear was worse than suspected. Praying for a quick recovery for her!

Julia Goolia said...

ew, a rotator cuff repair recovery isn't always fun. Lots of PT in her future (I hope!!). Hang in there, and do all you can!


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