Christmas 2010 x5

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This past week was extremely eventful for us! From celebrating Christmas at my Mom's and our first pregnancy announcement, making goodies with Nadia, my Mom's birthday breakfast on Christmas Eve, to Christmas with my Dad, Christmas with Tony's extended family and finally Christmas with my in laws! That's a lot of festivities packed into a few day.

Nadia and I got together to make some goodies, as my Mom wasn't able to. Shoulder surgery is a great reason to get out of slaving in the kitchen.

Ample breaks were taken to feed Isaac.

When it came down to it, we didn't even bake! All we did was melt chocolate. :)

And eat hummus. For six weeks of this pregnancy I was unable to eat hummus, much like I never had a taste for Chipotle with Isaac. Thank goodness it has returned!

Isaac had no interest in play baking, he just turned it over so he could bang on it.

He was obsessed with the Tractoo in Nadia's parking garage. Good thing I kept needing more ingredients and Nadia and Isaac went to the market a few times, so he was able to see it more than once.

The next day was my Mom's birthday, which just happens to be Christmas Eve. A lot of things have changed over the years due to custody rights and now the lack of those guidelines, but we have a tradition of celebrating my Mom's birthday with breakfast. This year my Grandpa and Grandma even joined us.

I love making a big deal out of breakfast and yummy brunch foods, especially sausage, but don't do it often!

That evening we went to my Stepmom's sister's, my Aunt Sally's, house. We were so excited to finally be able to share with my Dad and Shirley! We had asked them out to dinner when we shared we were pregnant with Isaac and with a little bit of mischief we asked them out a week or so back. Both my Dad and Shirley were certain that we were going to tell them I was pregnant, so they were both upset when I ordered a raspberry daquiri! It was not one of those times that little attention was paid to what I drank, so I'm so glad I ordered a real drink! Since I had previously worked Acapulco, I excused myself from the table to say hello to a server and the bartender. Just like a charm, I was able to ask the bartender to make my drink non alcoholic when it came through!

When we walked into Sally's house, Tony and I were a bit flustered because Sally and Shirley were in the kitchen. There was no smooth way to bring them downstairs, so I just bit the bullet and asked them to join us downstairs. Everyone in the room was staring at us, after we said hello, as it was apparent we wanted to say something as we stood there without removing our coats or Isaac's hat.

Everyone that is, except for my Dad. He was completely oblivious and even though the person he had been talking with had tuned him out to listen to us, my Dad just kept jabbering away, even after I yelled "Dad!" three times. Finally, completely out of character for me, I yelled "Dad! Shut up!" Not how I wanted to do it, but I finally had his attention to take off Isaac's hat and jacket. My Stepmom was extremely excited and I could see her eyes were filled with tears, but she was hesitant to jump immediately to our indicating I was pregnant, because she thought she had just seen me drink a week previously! My Dad announced to the room, in case anyone didn't know the significance of the haircut and there were hugs all around.

And then, it was time for dinner.

There were so many kids for Isaac to play with!

Love this picture of Isaac and Amber.

Isaac was all about the cookies and had more than he should have!

Family picture, that I'm okay with.

And then the presents started.

Papa Tom and Grandma Shirley totally spoiled Isaac.

My Dad held the bag out of me to make a basket. I am a soccer player. I missed.

Isaac got his very own "own." [phone]

With how many people there were, we thought it was cute Isaac was coverin his ears since we also thought it was loud. Three days later, we found out not cute, Isaac had a double ear infection.

We always play a white elephant gift game, in which you have to bring two presents. One good [$10 value], one bad. This is Jesse reacting to his cousin's used Crocs + 1
$10 gift card. We're all about throwing people off!

Shirley got an "authentic" piece of the Metrodome.

Tony's shirt says it all.

And after it was all done, Isaac went swimming in newspaper.

Don't worry, there's more Christmas to come.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how that haircut instantly turned Isaac into a little boy instead of a baby. Crazy!

Ashley said...

I am a fellow Minnesotan also! Come check out my blog!

Jeannie said...

Isaac's face when he is looking at Nadia...adorable! His haircut has definatley made him look more like a little boy, but it's so adorable.

Too bad about his ears :( Poor guy...I sure hope he's feeling better.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Katie said...

Oh Leah, he's adorable. I do miss his locks, but he is so cute now too! :)


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