One for the Ages

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm going to try to summon my funny bone as much as humanely possible, because Saturday night Tony and I experienced one of the most hilarious moments of the year together. It quite possibly could be one of those times that you really only could have been there, but I will try my hardest.

It all began as we climbed into bed late Saturday night. Just as we were settled and comfy cozy, a noise disrupted our peace. You see Saturday, I put up our Christmas decorations, much like this:
2008 Dec 20 026
[vintage tree circa 2008, currently we do not have a topper, as it wouldn't work this year. :(]

And this culprit was having her way with the new toys.
2008 Dec 20 034
[vintage Callie circa 2008, when I actually took pictures of my pets]

It sounded like she was shredding right through the tree skirt and scratching down to the woodfloor, so I attempted to ambush her in the act. I tried to sneakily make my way down the stairs, but only succeeded in narrowing down that it was in fact her and not Lucy. She made her way under the table and flew up the stairs, I chased behind her yelling. Clearly I wasn't going to catch her, but I wanted her to be sure to know I wasn't pleased with her activities. She quickly scampered under the bed and I tried to flush her out using the shotgun to no avail. Satisfied that I scared her enough to keep her away, I hopped back in bed.

Not two minutes later, the scratching resumed.

This time Tony left the bed to attack the cat and I laughed to myself as he grabbed a hanger from the floor just before he crept down the stairs. This time instead of dashing throughout the living room like I did, Tony poured cat food and lured Callie into the kitchen. Then he grabbed her by her scruff and went to the living room, repeatedly telling her no-no in reference to the tree and tree skirt. Tony then picked up the tree skirt and put it on the back of the couch, thus ending the problem. Hissing as she went, the cat ran up the stairs and again hid under the bed, where Tony repeated the shotgun move. With the cat nearly hyperventilating under the bed, Tony crawled in.

Again, not two minutes later, the scratching resumed.

Tony now is slightly enraged that the cat, who can't understand English, is so blatantly ignoring our demands that she not mess with our Christmas decorations and seems intent on ruining our sleep. I'm not sure what he would have tried to discipline her with, as time outs don't work well for cats. After chasing her thoroughly, our final thought was that Callie was clawing at the Christmas totes and tree box, so Tony went to remove them and put them behind the closed door of Isaac's room.

That's when the laughing started.

It had sounded like the cat was clawing at hardwood, because she was.

Just, it wasn't Callie.

It was Lucy locked into Isaac's room.

As we replayed the commotion Tony and I had fits of laughter for well over five minutes.

I can just imagine how crazy Callie thought we were charging after her all over the house and who knows what she was doing just sitting on the main level every time we did!


Jill said...

Poor thing. I hate when your animals don't understand what you're saying and stop when you ask them to stop!


Lucky Girl said...

This made me laugh at loud. Mostly because I was thinking how funny it would be if your cat had a blog, a la Burger from Young House Love :)

Julie S. said...

Hilarious! :)

One night after it took seemingly forever to get Brayden to bed, we laid down and within minutes, heard a cat howling. Took us forever to find her- locked in Brayden's room. Darn cats!

Heidi said...

That's awesome! Seriously those things happen and all you can do is laugh afterwards. Unless you're a small child and your parents kept blaming you for something and it was CLEARLY your demon little brother. :)

Bekah said...

haha poor cat!

Katie said...

How funny!

I glanced at the "joy" ornament and thought it was "Leah" upside down...

d.a.r. said...

Oh my stars. Seriously, this is hilarious. This is so something that would happen in our house and we would be dying laughing!


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