Isaac | 18 Months

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Mr. Man. I look at you now and wonder how I ever could have thought you were "so big" at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. You seem to daily grow out of clothes these days and conquer our baby proofing, no matter what we do!

I can't even begin to keep track of all of the words that you know, but the sweetest ones to hear are:

The please and amen are recent developments from the past two weeks and please seems to have replaced "more." Please also sounds remarkably like peas, although I've never heard you ask please for peas. :)

You still love your lawnmower, but when you try to say the word it sounds very similar to mama, with just a little twist on the end.

Just this week when we ask you who Isaac is, you say something remarkably close to "Me" or a word starting with "Iss" and make this face as pictured below:

With the change we made a few months back to declare Tuesday night family night we have more regularly eaten at the table, which means you hear us say grace more regularly as well. We recite the same prayer that I did while growing up, which is very similar to the one you hear Grandma say everyday at daycare as well. Simply:

Thank you Jesus for our food, amen. Thank you Jesus for our friends and family, they love us so much, amen.

You now join us in saying amen. I'm pretty sure my heart burst the first time I realized what you were saying. Pure joy to this mama!

You've started calling me mommy, instead of mama, when you're switching between calling for Daddy and me. I have to be honest, I don't particularly care for it, but I just like you calling for me all the same.

Coloring is your most favorite activity right now, and we've been blessed with fresh green crayon marks on both the floor and the TV stand. We've got to work on identifying paper before you begin as the next Picasso!

The I in Isaac seems to stand for Independent! You have mini meltdowns daily if you are not allowed to feed yourself, go up the stairs or help put your jacket on. You are already trying to be one self reliant dude!

You were called a girl, twice, while wearing your cream and brown puff vest hoodie. It's the only time I've been ungracious when someone has called you cute!

I mentioned in our State Fair post that we bought a book titled, Good Night Minnesota and it is your absolute favorite! I'm seriously considering buying them in bulk to give at baby showers, it is the sweetest book ever. Four of our most favorite pages include:

- The Lake Itasca page [Daddy does his loon call which you imitate by placing your hand on your mouth and yodeling]
- The Moose and Black Bear page [One of your new favorite word's is Moose, although sometimes it sounds like mouse]
- The Outdoor Hockey page [Everything on this page is "What's that?!]
- The Underwaters Adventure page [Even though only sharks are pictured, you seem to remember seeing the turtles and adamantly call "Turtle! Turtle!]

Allie is your favorite pet right now, but you love calling the kitties [Mowwws]. Tony clued me in on the fact that I've always realistically talked back to my cats and you seem to have picked up on this meow, so it is not the typical meow that you will hear a child do.

Everyday I'm thankful for your huge personality. I know that names do not have any weight on the identity of the person, but to think that your names (Isaac Levi) mean Laughter and Joyful Spirit, I think they're spot on.

We love you so much sweet boy!


Jenifer said...

Ah, your posts are so sweet. And I just added "Goodnight Minnesota" to my list to buy for my Husband. He is from Minnesota and I think he will love this and reading this with our little Ian. Your little guy is so beautiful Leah.

Anonymous said...

You are so blessed. I love these updates.

Lindsay said...

Oh, I just love his sweet little smile! Cracks me up :) Also, I think it's so cute you call him "Mr. Man".

I don't think I mentioned, but I'm originally from - well, I was born in - Minnesota! Midwestern born and raised (in SD) :)

abby said...

Oh my I can't believe he's 18 months! I just saw Goodnight Minnesota in a store and almost bought it, now I'm regretting my decision to pass it up.

Jeannie said... What a sweet beautifuk boy you have. His smile is simply adorable...

Henry is constantly saying new things every day...they are amazing little people.

Hwillmama said...

He is so sweet. I love his hair. The little dude frequently was called a girl (he does have really long lashes) drove me nuts. Now that he is two it rarely happens anymore. Thank goodness.

Also, thank goodness for magic erasers to erase all those crayon marks. We had a bit of the wall and toy box marked up and the magic eraser removed everything.

I love how the meaning of his name juxtaposed with that photo. Wonderful.

I love, love, love the new look of the site. It is awesome.

And, I finally wrote on my own blog again lol


Anonymous said...

Leah, you are so blessed. Isaac is so adorable and the hair is just too much.

And the strong will...must have something to do with the name, cause our little guy has quite an opinion on things and throws mini tantrums when things don't go his way. And it'll only get better as he grows, haha. :)

Sarah said...

So, so sweet. What an amazing little boy.

Meredith said...

The idea of Isaac saying "Amen" just melts my heart!

Julia Goolia said...

he is just so precious, Leah. I cannot get enough of his curls!! I agree with the others....what a blessed life.

Rayne said...

Hello, I am new to your it! Love your pictures! Just wondering what camera and lens you have? Thanks for sharing!

Carrie said...

He is adorable.

We got a book at the IA state fair where my husband is from this year, and I have been wanting a MN one. I just ordered the one you mentioned for our daughters birthday.


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