Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last weekend I was able to meet up with my college friends, for what was supposed to be a full girls' weekend, turned dinner.

We went to The Kitchen in Stillwater and had a great time. Hard to believe that it's been over four years since I spent the majority of my time with these girls either on road trips, soccer fields or weight rooms . . . and outside of school too.
November 013

Since I had my little point and shoot, I told them about the pictures Isaac's been taking of himself. They wanted to see, so I handed the camera over. My friend Kat got an extremely quizzical look on her face and questioned if Isaac was taking pictures of curtains. Unsure of what she meant, I grabbed the camera back to see this picture.
November 010

While yes, there are curtains pictured, the main subject would not be not curtains, that would be my pajama bottomed butt.

ps:: Two posts in a row ended with speak of my butt, what a trend! Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Julia was right, a little sleep did wonders!


Jill said...

I think you should start a repeating post about Issac's adventures and write as if you were him... That could be pretty funny! I love that he's snapping pictures! Such a thrill for those little tykes!

Jenifer said...

You are so funny! Love the "curtains" pic. Everytime we give Ian the Cannon rebel he looks at it and says "cheese and "I see Ian." We are always taking pics of him and he automatically says "i see ian" when he looks at the camera.

Sky said...

That is hilarious. I'm glad to know things like that happen to other people. Its like the other day when I had gone to great lengths to do my hair and was asked, "Out late last night? I see you didn't have time to shower." Sick.

Jeannie said...

This post is too funny Leah! I will admit that I wondered what the patterned object was, but would have never thought it was your butt!

I hope you and your family have the most fantastic and blessed Thanksgiving!

Megan said...

Seriously hilarious!!

Happy Thanksgiving girl! :)

Julia Goolia said...

ha! sleep is always the best medicine!

AJ said...

Oh how I love The Kitchen. They have a GREAT patio. We should definitely go next summer :) It's right next to Teddy Bear Park.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and I love Isaac's picture.

Anonymous said...

That. Is awesome.


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