4th Season: Winter

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love Minnesota. I really do. I love to travel and get out of the state. I swear, for as little as it happens, I really do. What I love most about traveling though, is returning home. There's just no place like Minnesota.

I know at least half of the country thinks that we're crazy, which is true to a point. I wish I could say that most of the stereotypes are way off mark, but in general they're not. One thing that binds most Minnesotans, who are here by choice, is that we all enjoy the distinct 4 seasons that Minnesota offers.




And now, Winter.

As I always hate to advertise, Tony was gone this weekend. Isaac and I held down the fort and slept decently Friday night and woke up knowing there was a Winter Storm Warning. I thought it was supposed to start snowing sometime during the day Saturday, so you can imagine my surprise waking up at 7:00am when I pulled back the shade to this!

Both Isaac and I wow'd the next few hours at the snow outside. It was the cutest thing how he would say "wow" and I knew he meant that he wanted to look out the window.

So we ventured out, into this! Mind you, this was at 10:00am and it continued to snow for another 24 hours!

Isaac loved it!

He was so intrigued by the snow, but refused to say cold. He's a true Minnesotan.

I fail by not having a hat or gloves for him, but he had such a blast, even if he was practically stationary due to the size 11 boots. Oops, my Mom bought them last winter and they're just a touch too big.

Love this boy. He makes me see the world differently.

It was so cool to see the pattern of the snow fall depending on the direction of the wind.

We lost a lot of branches due to the weight of the snow, but some of our neighbors had severe damage!

Isaac's hands went into the snow a few times, but he still kept trucking.

As AJ wrote on my facebook, "Oh no! Help! The tree is going to attack me!"

I didn't take a lot like this . . .

Because this cute face was competing!

He ah, wasn't too thrilled to come inside, to say the very least. We've also began the treacherous journey through toddler tantrums. It's not pretty my friends, not pretty at all.

We thankfully stayed nice and roasty toasty for the majority of the day, as it snowed over 12" throughout the day. My Mom and a few friends were not as lucky though and lost power! This ended up a problem for me as well, as my Mom was going to watch Isaac while I went to wedding reception Saturday night and clearly this was not a good idea being that their house was lit by candles! I thought I was plowed in, but with Isaac strapped into the car, I shoveled out and made it. In a dress, no less.

I love Minnesota.


Jenifer said...

My Husband's family is in St. Paul and up in Shafer. They said it was 14 inches of snow on Saturday! We called lastnight to check on them and they asked how we were doing out here in CA. I can hoenstly say I cannot remember the middle of November being 85 degrees but it was yesterday. Ian went to school in shorts and a tshirt today as it was 75 this morning at 8am!! This is such weird weather!! Im glad I enjoyed the snow that is the one thing Jason misses out here is the Minnesotan winter.

SJ said...

My brother is in Minnesota for some training; I hope he packed his winter coat!

claire @ a peachtree city life said...

wow. it's so beautiful and peaceful!
ha i was wearing my flip flops this weekend. i think i would die in a place that cold :)
you took beautiful photos, as always! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Isaac did WAY better in the snow than Drew did, but we had 11 inches by the time we went outside so that may have been the difference. For mittens, you can try socks; put them on his hands first, then his coat. Since toddlers never get their thumbs in the thumb compartment anyway, it's pretty much the same thing. :)

aschmalz83 said...

I live in ND and I spent many winters building snow forts and sledding.

Now, I can say I don't like winter quite as much. :)

Sarah Louise said...

The snow as absolutely beautiful this weekend! Glade you guys had a good time playing in it :)

Peach said...

wow i can't believe it's snowing already!! i'm in a little bubble in arizona where it's still in the 70's....i'm kind of ready for some seasons too.

Faith said...

It totally made me laugh that the day I post about my still very green and fruitful vegetable garden, you post about a snow storm! I already can't handle the 50 degree mornings!

abby said...

I love Minnesota as well, especially for beautiful heavy snows like this one. Looks like Isaac had lots of fun! And way to go shoveling out in a dress you Minnesota mama!

Melissa said...

I am sad to say that I have never been to Minnesota :( . I do love that I also have four seasons, but ours start a bit later. It was 75 here on Friday!

Mrs. Southern said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! The pictures of Issac in his snowsuit just make me want to pick that little bundle up, he looks so sweet. When the news here in TN even mentions that we might have some flurries people flip out!

Joi said...

Your photos are SOOO clear. I love it!

L.C.T. said...

Aw how ridiculously cute!!

Meredith said...

Beautiful. I love that we get four seasons here too. Even though it doesn't always snow in the valleys every year, snow is always close enough at hand. Love it.

Bethany said...

LOVE the pic of the flakes on Isaac's eyelashes. Timeless!

Anonymous said...

These are fabulous! Everything is so beautiful and your boy looks so handsome!


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