Friday, October 29, 2010

Isaac is officially weaned. Just like so many of the stories and articles I have read on the topic, it happened not over night, but gradually, almost without my full knowledge. There was the week where Isaac would literally roll over in bed, snuggle his little body against mine and make nary a peep, let alone think of nursing. I'm sure that was the start. I honestly don't know how long it's been now.

It feels like just yesterday and yet a lapse similar to months feels more realistic.

I never thought I'd be the Mom breastfeeding until my child could ask for it or literally try to force my shirt into a position that he could get his reward. But then again, I never once thought I would be any aspect of the mama that I am. It's no surprise to me that I wasn't prepared for the bond through nursing.

I miss it, but am following his lead.


Bethany said...

Even though I never nursed Olivia, her bottle before bed was our special time together. Just her and I. We cuddled and took eachother in. I miss that time as well, very much so.

The Conway's said...

He's getting to be such a big boy!

In With the Light said...

Your new layout is beautiful! And I am so proud of you for nursing so long. I only wish we could have made it that far.

Bekah said...

good job making it so far! I know you worked hard for it.

Julia Goolia said...

You are such a rock star for making it THIS long, girl. I'm sure it's very sad to 'lose' that bond but try to focus on the amazing blessing it was to nurse for 18 months!

Julie S. said...

You are super mom for nursing that long. I wished I would have been able to do the same!


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