Phoenix - MTH 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In rapid fire succession a series of events occurred to allow me to be preparing for a trip to Phoenix, Arizona in less than one month! I will be flying to the Making Things Happen 2010 Intensive, which will be my first solo trip! [quickly starting the next paragraph lest I dwell on leaving my menfolk and turn into a pool of nerves and tears]

It still just boggles my mind that this is happening, but I couldn't be more thrilled! The premise of the Intensive is obviously a lot of self reflection to acknowledge fear that ultimately results in making things happen, both professionally and personally! The Intensive is geared towards wedding industry professionals and is usually filled by photographers, but event planners, gown designers and several others have also attended. This is an astounding opportunity to network and gain resources from inspirational national talent and I've witnessed it's impact on past alumni. I want in.

It probably comes as very little shock to anyone that I don't have a game plan for my life. Clearly this is why I have student loan debt, held 3 major positions in the past 4 years, want to be a stay at home mom but am stuck in my current position and am driving my Dad's old beat up truck. I just have had an amazing lack of foresight. My business is certainly a reflection of this and I want all of the above to change.

Overhauling a thought process will surely be incredible work, but I don't want to shirk from it now. It still amazes me what can happen in a relatively short amount of time. In less than 18 months I have lost a newborn and gained a toddler.

Shorter even yet, in just the past 12 months I have taken my photography business from scared crapless to taking on weddings. The time has passed for getting by on the seat of my pants!

I don't want to just keep taking what is handed to me. I want to develop this life that I have been given so that it is actually in accordance with God's will, because I was created for no greater purpose. It's time I stop selling Him short.


yours truly, melissa said...

And an adorable toddler at that! Love those lawn mower pics...too cute!

Anonymous said...

I seriously squealed when I read this. I love things like this, and I am so excited you get to experience and take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Molly said...

Leah, I can definitely relate to the whole no-plan-for-your-life thing. I think this opportunity sounds amazing for you and your business!

Fear is something that can really take a hold of me. It's got a huge hold on me right now but I'm working on it. I want to change.

I think you are such an inspiration. You're not perfect. You admit that. And yet you keep on truckin'. My kind of gal :)

Sarah Louise said...

Congratulations on this great opportunity!!! I know it's going to be hard to leave your beautiful family behind for a few days, but it will be worth it! I hope this experience will give you the confidence you need to keep moving forward with your business. You're going to be BIG girl! You are so talented :)

Julie S. said...

What an incredible opportunity! You are totally my inspiration!

Bekah said...

Its so easy to put our human limitations and fears on a limitless God. I do it all the time, Im totally impressed at your courage! Cant wait to see how you grow!

Hwillmama said...

Early this morning, before the little dude and the hubs were up I got online looking for your contact information. I didn't find it and I was worried that my comments would look strange on another post.

I read your blog everyday. Although our life is different in some ways, it is very similar in others (sometimes it is too close to home lol).

Anyway, one reason I was trying to find your contact info is because you have really inspired me to take my love of photographer to a more professional level.

I decided to write this to let you know that.... A. there is a beauty in letting life/God guide the direction you go (even if it comes with less money) and B. you are an inspiration to others.


Sarah said...

I know exactly how you feel, although I am still in college. I am going to be an English teacher, but I don't know if that's what I want. I have no idea where my life is headed except that it will be lived right next to the man of my dreams. I'm really excited for us to meet you tonight to talk about photography for our wedding. I think what draws me most to your work is your heart which is poured into each photo - I think that is the most important thing about your business, so whatever helps you to keep your passion will make your business and life grow! I wish you the best of luck!

Julia Goolia said...

you are being a little harsh on yourself, aren't you? Having no plan for life isn't a bad thing---you know what they say about the best laid plans. :) This is coming from a major planner, by the way.

And just because you have student loan debt, and older car and have to work to support your family doesn't mean you don't have foresight, either. It just means life has happened to you and you could never have predicted it all five years ago.

So ease up on yourself, lady! It's okay to feel a bit lost at times. Keep on doing what you are doing!

Sky said...

I agree with Julia. You are way, way too hard on yourself. I think what you're describing is what we all go through when things don't turn out like we had planned. Welcome to life. Welcome to rolling with the punches and coming out stronger. Sometimes these trying seasons last longer than we'd like, but you'll make it.

P.S. Your baby can mow my lawn anyday.

abby said...

I am SO excited that you have this opportunity and can't wait to hear about it!

I agree with what others have said about being hard on yourself, the best laid plans, etc, etc. On the other hand, I have been struggling (quite a lot) lately with where I am in life and frustration with myself, but I'm also realizing that NOBODY knows what the future holds. And that's oddly comforting.

Write to Simplicity said...

Wooh! This did not come across as negative to me. It is honest, refreshing, and yes I would say inspiring. I'm glad you acknowledged your accopmlishments becasue they are impressive!


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