Wednesday, October 13, 2010

- I have booked 5 weddings for next year already! This may not seem like a huge deal to most [especially full time photographers], but considering I booked all of my weddings this summer in '10, I'm super stoked to be booking '11 in '10.

- On that note, I've also come up with a game plan to only book 2 weddings per month, or weekends if a Friday wedding is in play, so that my responsibilities to edit are in line with my desired family time. That is the other reason why booking 5 weddings already is so exciting, I only have limited availability in May, June and October!

- In addition to paring down the amount of editing and time away from my family on weeknights, this will also allow me to assist Gina with the general frequency that I did this summer. I want to do this to keep on steadily learning from an amazing artist, provide some quality friend time and keep myself fresh for the switch to primary photographer for my own weddings!

- This week has been a crazy photography week, with 3 wedding consults, a family session, an engagement session and a my final wedding on Saturday!

- On Sunday, I have another family session and then we are packing a picnic lunch with my Mom and Stepdad to take off to Nelson's Apple Farm! This might shock some of you, but I don't think I've ever been to an apple orchard in the fall, at least not specifically with the intent of enjoying the orchard. We are so excited! Hopefully we'll still have the great weather we've enjoyed this week and Isaac has a blast! Pictures of course to come.

- Isaac has been sleeping in his crib at night, although, not the full night. He's started getting cranky right around 7:30 or 8:00, so we began to ask him if he wanted to go "nanight." If he doesn't object, we'll round up Elmo and Puppers, sometimes he even finds them himself and walks towards his bedroom door. And then he goes to sleep. It's just crazy how quickly we transitioned to this considering the last time I tried [before my Mom started laying him down for a nap at daycare] he cried straight for 2 hours. Neither Tony or I really like him being away from us, especially since there is no pressing need to get him out of our bed, like my being pregnant, so before we got to sleep for the night we bring Isaac up with us. He's been sleeping until 7:00-8:00am! It's just insane to me, how he suddenly ramped up to some 12 hours of sleep a night!

- I have a photography logo! Next up, we're working on redesigning my blogsite [blog and website in one] and print pieces! One step closer to actually looking legit. And I purchased a blog design from Designer Blogs. I'm currently 4th down on the queue, so we'll see how soon and how well this goes!

- I'm super excited to be hosting a girls' wine tasting evening next Friday! The invited guests were kept to a minimum and I'm currently wavering between not enough attending and just perfect. I think that I will be tasking myself with an all Aldi menu and have just asked that each girl brings a bottle of wine. I haven't put much planning into it yet, which kind of bums me out because I wanted to go all out and even do some invitations, but after my wedding on Saturday, I'll be able to focus. I was totally inspired by this article in Better Homes & Gardens and plan on getting pumpkins and gourds at the apple farm on Sunday!

- Tomorrow is the national Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Please keep those touched by loss in your thoughts and prayers.

Finally, some completely unrelated photos of my adorable son. Tony gets all the credit for dressing him so cute!


Being silly with Daddy:

His hair just reminds me of an 80's game show host on the left, which makes me laugh every time, but I still love it!

Speaking of loving it, clearly Isaac doesn't love this:

He did however love being crazy and running both away and to Allie and Tony:

Someday's the thought of losing him makes my heart hurt and leaves me breathless, to think that I ever could have lived without seeing his smile. He is our joy.

Thank you for your sweet comments regarding my last post and the common strain being that I was too hard on myself. I apologize if I can across too negatively, but overall I've so optimistic about the opportunity to really seize some control of life. To actually put word into action. I think that is all that I was trying to convey. I really appreciated the encouragement though and it blew me away to be told that I was inspirational!


Meredith said...

Is tomorrow also the wave of light day for pregnancy loss awareness? I remember hearing about it last year about this time...

I can't wait to see your new stuff with the photography website and blogsite. I need to do something different as well, and I'm just not totally sure what the best way to approach it would be.

Also, in terms of editing, you have probably already done this, but depending on the software you're using, have you thought about either batch editing or creating actions of the steps you frequently take to help you edit more quickly?

leah @maritalbless said...

I remember that as well, but haven't heard anything about it this time.

There are some great websites offered by bludomain.com for $100 and up! Check it out Meredith!

Yes, I absolutely do have actions and batch process, but unfortunately am still limited to the equipment I'm using . . . my computer isn't meant to do what I want from it. :(

Anonymous said...

What a great post - talk about a lot of positive!!

SO glad you're so busy with photography. I love watching your business grow!

Isn't crazy how suddenly a child is ready for something and the transition is just no big deal? That's how it was for our Isaac going to the crib too.

Enjoy your wine party (YUM), I can't wait to see the logo, and I love Isaac's game show hair. :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable photos, as always! And how awesome about all those weddings for 2011 already! Seriously - congrats! I know how exciting that is.

Joi said...

Leah, your pictures just keep getting better and better!

Do you nind sharing what lens you used to capture these photos in this post?

Thanks, dear. : )

leah @maritalbless said...

Thank you Joi! Used in these photos was my canon 5d and 50mm 1.4. I have been dabbling with low f-stops and the majority of these were shot at 100iso and 1.8-2.0,

Bekah said...

congrats on the five weddings!! Im so excited to see your photography business grow!

And I know you know this, but your boy is too precious for words. That little smile makes me happy, so I know how it makes your heart sing!

Bekah said...

oh I forgot to add, the wine party? I have always wanted to host/attend one, but never had the gumption to actually do it!

abby said...

Congrats on the five weddings already, that's awesome! I don't know how you do it all...

Happy to hear that Isaac has made his end of the crib transition smooth :)

Have fun at the apple orchard, and can't wait to see the new photography blog!

Erin said...

Isaac's hair just kills me every time you post pics of him! I just LOVE it. I know you mentioned before you were ready to cut it.... did that happen? Did I miss it?

HUGEEEEE congrats on 5 weddings - as you mentioned in your last comment, it's just so cool to have been reading for 3 years now and to think of where you were then when this was just a glimmer in the back of your mind to where you are now - 3 years is such a short time to make that dream a reality - so give yourself tons of credit for that!! I may have mentioned this already but it really does just warm my heart every time I hear about how well your photography business is going :)

Sarah Louise said...

Exciting news about your booking for 2011!!!! Woohoo!!! I also think it's a brilliant idea to only work two weekends per month. It's so important to have that balance in your life.

Hey, I'm not sure if this website is something you would be interested in or not...but I've been meaning to share it with you for a while: http://www.facesofloss.com/

I came across the website through a string of friends...a fellow MN momma lost her little one during her 6th month of pregnancy (I think...) and since then has started a non-profit organization for other women whom are experiencing a loss of their own, and a way to share their story...it's pretty neat.

Jeannie said...

Those are awesome photos of Isaac...His hair is to die for!

I'm so happy and excited that your buisness is taking flight...you deserve it. You do amazing work!

L.C.T. said...

Congrats on the weddings :) I'm curious to know how you're getting so many. Is it just word of mouth...??

Julie S. said...

I LOVE that your business is growing. Love love love. And I also love Issac's hair. Kills me every single time.

A.E. said...

Isaac's natural highlights are to die for.


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