Cancer Sucks

Monday, October 4, 2010

I mentioned several weeks back that one of my long time friends Nancy's Mom had been recently diagnosed with an aggressive bone cancer. Nancy and I have known each other since we were 9 years old and have played on several soccer teams together and even against each other in college.
Picture 262

In high school our friends joked that we were the Trifecta. Although friends usually varied based on what sport was being played, we always found ourselves drawn back to each other no matter what season. Gotta love this picture of Kier, Nancy and me at our Junior Prom. We were hot stuff.
Picture 72256

Nancy and me at our Senior Soccer Banquet.
Picture 72205

Of course I have more recent pictures of the two of us together, those have been posted here in the past 3 years this blog has existed through various bonfires, nights out and as a bridesmaid at my wedding. I chose to post the older ones, as I think back through the memories I've shared with Nancy and her family.

I received a call from Kier Saturday morning that I was not expecting. I saw that there was a Caringbridge update at 7:20am that, which I thought was strange, but chalked it up to a hospital admission or something of that nature and made note to read the update. I was completely unprepared for Kierstan's simple update: "Kathy passed away this morning."

It just happened so fast. Just over 3 months from the diagnosis.

I will always remember Kathy as a fabulous mother to 6 children, fantastic cheerleader at our soccer games and a great support to Nancy. It's surreal that our group of friends has once again been rocked by the loss of a parent to cancer, in such short time, as Kierstan lost her Dad our freshman year of college. It, of course, makes me place myself in their shoes and I am just aching for both of them to be confronted with these losses. I'm saddened all over again for Kierstan.

Two of my favorite memories from my early teen years involve the Caldwell family, and of course soccer teammates. The first would be a tent sleepover party. Their house is a corner lot with a huge back yard and we were so excited to all sleep together outside after roaming about and playing capture the flag [during which time someone got mired in the septic tank? Ah, the details are fuzzy!] Anywhoo, that night a storm blew in and in the middle of the night, picture at least 10 screaming girls running inside the house with their sleeping bags. We all crowded into the basement instead of enduring the pouring rain.

My second favorite memory of Kathy was my very first tp'ing adventure! I think that this might have slightly different regional names and I can only think of a few times that I've seen it written, but this is when you toilet paper someones house. It can either be someone you like or someone you don't. The intent isn't always clear, but the fun is. Most of us were too young to drive, so Kathy and Nancy's brother agreed to drive us to our target's houses! They even drove us to the grocery store so that we could buy the toilet paper in bulk. I can still invision the group of giggling teen girls trying to pretend that their intentions weren't to TP when our only purchase was 3 huge things of toilet paper.

These memories seem silly to remember a life by, but they are two of the ones I will treasure in memory of Kathy.

Love you so much Nancy.


Randi said...

I think I was at that sleep over!
Wow, what a courageous battle and thinking of their family.

thanks for posting about this.

Jill said...

That's such awful news and I'm so sorry for your loss and for your friend's loss. I could not imagine what that must feel like...

I'm so sad for you both!

abby said...

I am so sorry to hear this. Even as my parents age, it's still hard to imagine losing them. I'm thinking of their family. Cancer sucks indeed.

AJ said...

Sorry to hear about Nancy's mom. She sounds like such an incredible lady. ((hugs))

Meredith said...

Ugh. Cancer does suck. And it always shocks me how fast it can take our loved ones.

Thinking of Nancy's family...

Nancy said...

Thanks Leum.. I appreciate the memories.. I am so thankful for friends like you:) Love you!


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