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Monday, September 27, 2010

Remember my sour, salty attitude? Yeah, Tony totally checked it at the door for me on Thursday when we left his parents house. And guess what? I seemed to have forgotten it there.

Friday night I was able to meet up with Laura and Joey, Tony's cousins and have their 18 month session with their daughter Sydney. I found the most fantastic photo location at the Elm Creek Park Reserve. I hope to direct more sessions there in the near future! I love this family!

After our breezy cool session, we were invited over to warm up with chili for dinner at their new townhouse! It was such a treat and the little 2nd cousins played so well together. We were out until past 10:00, which is craziness. We all crashed as soon as we got home.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to prep for a client meeting with a potential bride and her Mom. The first thing I did though was check the weather and the forecasted day long rain suddenly showed partly clouds at 6:00. I was filled with hope for our family session before I headed out for my meeting. We met at the local Caribou and I abstained from purchasing. [pattingmyselfontheback] I think that the meeting went really well, even though I don't have a sales pitch. I showed a slideshow of Robin and Scott's wedding and answered both of their sheets of questions. We seem to be a good fit and they were both really nice! I'm really hopeful they'll book, because the fall '11 wedding sound beautiful.

After the meeting I went home and there still wasn't any rain! I checked the forecast again and it now showed the clouds and rain clearing at 3:00! I quick shot a text message to my friend Beth, who's passion is makeup, and told her I thought that the session was actually going to happen! Unfortunately due to my poor communication, Beth thought that I hated my makeup trial and on top of that, when she didn't hear from me until the day of, thought that I was trying to avoid her. We talked it out and I think she believes me that I wasn't trying to get out of her doing my makeup, but rather truly believed that the session wouldn't happen. Suddenly the pressure was on me to my makeup and I was scared to screw it up, but I channeled the style Beth did for the trial and was happy with how it turned out!

Can I just tell you guys how much of a blessing Gina is to me? I mean it's not fair that she shares her heart with everyone, is incredibly kind and loves Jesus, but on top of that, she's ridiculously talented. Adding to the ever growing list of indebtedness, both tangibly and non, check out a sneak.
Leah and Co Cull0334

Leah and Co Cull0331

Leah and Co Cull0327

On top of these, she also took pictures for my new photography blogsite, which will hopefully be up and running by the end of October! I finally bit the bullet and am in contract with a logo designer who has the experience to draw out what it is that I actually desire for a logo. I've tried to communicate my ideas, but either my ideas aren't actually what I want or I just really suck at describing abstract thoughts. I'll be waiting to share my photos until the blogsite is up. Starting to feel slightly unstuck you guys!


Cassandra Louise said...

Oh man, that video is a tear jerker! The song couldn't have been more perfect either. You have a beautiful family. May you continue to be blessed and a blessing to others:)

Jeannie said...

We had such a great time with you yesterday and we are DYING to see the rest! Thank you so much! You are amazingly talented and feel blessed to have been graced with your skills..

I love LOVE the photos Gina did. She truely captured the love between Tony and you..and the love of your family. Beautiful!!

Bekah said...

good! the pic of the three of you on the blanket is

Jill said...

I love them! What a beautiful setting and a gorgeous family!

Julie S. said...

What beautiful photos! I totally look up to you, Leah! :) And don't even get me started on the video.. I am all tears, goosebumps, and giggles.

yours truly, melissa said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family! love these photos!


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