Really Gap?

Friday, September 17, 2010

I have two favorite stores for my family: American Eagle and Gap.

Thankfully one of these stores has sales and discounts more regularly than the other and Tony and I are able to traipse about like teenagers quite a bit, cue American Eagle. I've made peace with the fact that I've probably outgrown their normal clientele in age, but was heartened when I found out that they had a kids line. No, not because I want my child branded, but because that meant there were others out there like me, who just can't bear the thought of being too old to wear American Eagle. And again, it's not about the brand, because I no longer care enough to let the world know where I bought my shirt, rather I finally pinpointed my main affinity to AE: They always have a cute blue shirt. All.ways. Unlike a lot of stores whose colorways flux with trendy tones, AE consistently has a blue option for me. And let me just say, much like this blog indicates, it's rare to see me wear much other than a blue or cool colored outfit.

I mean, I wear blue on blue . . . on blue:

I just had it ingrained into my head when I was little that I must wear blue because it brought out my eyes and I've never looked back.
Date Night_0006

The other store that I love is Gap and well, to be fair, not even Gap itself, but rather Baby Gap. Baby Gap is like crack to the pregnant or new mother. It's just not even fair how cute their clothes are (or were). It's funny to me though, for how much I peruse their inventory that I've actually only bought 3 or 4 onesies and was gifted this adorable sweatshirt by my friend Abby. Embarrassing to admit, Isaac has had it thrown on him in these past few weeks even though it's way too small for him now!

I'm not sure if it's just a distance from the post baby haze or if it really is a reduction in their clothes appeal, but I'm able to resist Gap even more strongly now. Before it was more for monetary reasons . . . now, it's totally because I don't think their clothes are that cute nor affordable.

What really got me going the last time I was in there though were these little guys. Cute, little onesies, the soft screenprinted kind that totally lured me in when my infatuation first began. See, here's the Dad one, with adorable puppers:

So, of course I look for the Mom one. Oop! Found it. Ewwww:

Really Gap? Really? A dog for the Dad's and an elephant for the Mom? What in the world were you thinking?! As if a mother isn't all ready feeling a bit larger than normal, you throw on a monstrous animal on to the "I love Mommy" onesie? No wonder it's all ready on clearance . . .


Bekah said...

haha not great planning there! This reminds me of one of the funniest(sad) stories matt tells. When he was like...7 or so, he picked out a shirt for his mom for her birthday with a frog and a hippo that said 'love is blind' and his mom got mad because she thought he meant she was fat! He was seven!

It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Sweet little Matt SOOO does not even think like that.

L.C.T. said...

Haha, not thinking ahead clearly! And I ADORE American Eagle. I buy bost of my clothes there and I live in the UK! I just stock up every time I'm state-side :)

Leslie G said...

I love/hate baby gap. I love it when I have a generous coupon- but my findings there a few and far between. Personally, I can't justify spending so much on play clothes- which is why we shop old Navy for basics and jeans.

Sarah said...

Not to mention the position of the elephants! At least they were smart enough to do this on the mom's onesie and not the dad's onesie!

Megan said...

I love love love baby Gap too... in fact I think I have said that exact "baby Gap is like crack to anyone pregnant" statement before. All that to say, I only buy it used. I cannot justify for the life of me paying so much for baby clothes... I just can't.

Hilarious about the elephant though, and so true.

Mrs. Southern said...

Very Funny! I'm addicted to Gap too, for myself and for P but I have to agree with you on the elephant onesie. I guess they know I felt like an elephant when I tried on the pre-baby Gap jeans last week so they made a shirt like that.

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

HAHA!! That's awful!


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