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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Behind the new kitchen flooring . . .

Due to Tony's track record with our home projects [he does just fine working for other people], and their typical duration, I couldn't help but be skeptical of his decision to remove the old tile and lay the new over a long holiday weekend that included two weddings for myself.

As I was taking those cute pictures of Isaac enthralled by Tony's handiwork, my mouth was of course jawwing away. I laid into Tony a bit as to whether or not his project was feasible and he told me his plan for completion, which included bringing Isaac to his Mom's while I was shooting my wedding on Sunday.

A few minutes later, Tony hollered to me from the kitchen:

Tony: This is going decently quick!
Me: Hah! Name one project in this house that has gone decent or quick.
Tony: Wellll . . . I can think of one other thing that wasn't decent, but was quick.
Me: [appalled] TONY! You just compared our sex life to the kitchen floor! And not even decent at that!
Tony: Not decent, it's great!

He will never live this one down.

Especially when I sent a quick text to Gina:
Me: Tony just compared our sex life to ripping up the kitchen floor.
Gina: You guys got hardwood floor???? :)

The next day Gina and Matt had a little get together and Tony comes busting in bursting to share with Matt that he'd been working on a project, of course he opens with:

Tony: Did you hear about my new kitchen floor?!
Matt: I've heard more about your new hardwood floor than I should have!

HAHAHAHA. I hope this made some of you at least laugh!


Jill said...

I love it! That's something that we would totally get wrapped up in... Love that your friend went with the hardwood! Hilarious!

Bethany said...

Ha!! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh today!

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

HAHAHAH!!!!! Love it. Sounds like someone else I know...

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh! That's so funny! Thanks for the laugh. ;)

Lauren said...

love it...thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...


Faith said...

Men! Although it's totally along the lines of a conversation John and I would have!

Meredith said...


PS- Justin has the same problem with finishing projects everywhere but our own house! Rumor has it my dad is the same way ;)

PPS- Today I saw another sign like that street sign that I told you about awhile back in a totally different city. How weird is that?!

Bekah said...


Sky said...

That is hilarious. It sounds like something that would happen at my house. These silly men, they have no idea what they are actually saying until it comes out. Love it.

Alicea said...

That sounds like a convo we would have had in our house...if Chris had any handyman skills at all. :)

Julie S. said...

This made me almost pee my pants with laughter. Also? It could have been a conversation in our house, which makes this even better.


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