Friday, September 3, 2010

- Last weekend was amazing and brutal, but lets focus on the amazing. Thursday night was hands down my best newborn session ever. When I see the work I'm doing now it makes me want to cry looking back on my pictures of Isaac, thank goodness I knew better than to just take pictures myself and had Amy and Gina take some as well!

- Friday night I had a rescheduled family session up in North Branch. It was rescheduled because I forgot about it. Yes, you read that right. Four minutes before I was to arrive I saw my reminder flashing on my phone. My heart absolutely dropped below the floor as I frantically searched my emails for confirmation. I swore that we had moved their session, but alas it was a different family session. I was visiting with my Dad and Stepmom and quickly ran out the door, leaving them to watch Isaac. I called Darci along the way and she suggested we reschedule as her twin boys were vying for sleep as it was. Although I was mortified it turns out it happened for a reason, neither her 2 year old daughter or 9 month old twin boys had napped at all that day. They'd all ready been worried about our session, so it worked well for all parties to reschedule. Thankfully. I learner my lesson with minimal damage!

- Saturday I shot from 10-9 at Robin and Scott's wedding. Let me tell you, it was a blast and a half. I especially love weddings now where the ceremony and reception are at the same location because they are so relaxed. They are night and day different from those at two locations. I'll be doing a full blog post on my photography blog . . . as soon as the images are edited. :)

-Sunday I again had a twin session with a friend from high school. Her daughters Blake and Addison are quite the cuties and had personalities to match! These girls are going to definitely be lively ones!

After the twin session I had just enough time to finish uploading all images before heading on out for Brynna's birthday party. She's the sweetie of our friend's Abby and Mike. I just can't believe she's all ready a year old, because I can still remember their conversation in which they realized they were both ready to start their family! Pure gold, I still get teary eyed thinking about it because it was such a cool conversation to be a part of! Anywhoo, back to the party!

The birthday girl! Check out those eyelashes and beautiful eyes!

She absolutely hammed it up while we were singing Happy Birthday! Totally batting her eyes and loving everyone giving her so much attention.

The hands up were just too funny!

Love this family so much

- We have to keep the highchair locked away now, because if we turn our back for one second Isaac will climb it! The other night while my friend Nancy was over to pick up our camping stove, Isaac did it so fast I thought Tony had actually put him in his high chair! It's craziness. I want to get a video of it, but then again, I don't want to encourage the behavior.

- It's fall in Minnesota . . . at least for the next few days! We literally went from high 80's and humidity to a cool and blustery 57*. It's amazing and I'm totally wearing the same cardigan that I've worn to work 2 other days, one being at the fair, this week. I don't think anyone has noticed and I really could care less lol.

- Isaac really doesn't like the transition from shorts to jeans. He keeps pulling at his pant legs, like what the heck Mom? As I was thinking about this I remembered the transition as well. A summer full of shorts made my thighs feel really skinny within the confines of covered legs. Does anyone else remember that feeling? It's not a recent memory for me, as I rarely ever wear shorts so I have not had that same sense of being accustomed to them in a long time.

- Isaac said "Out" for the first time Wednesday night. It was so adorable, because it started out sounding a little funny, but as it became more and more clear so did his determination in saying what he meant. To confirm what he was saying we asked him to show us "Out" and he got up off the couch and walked us to the door. He just picks something up everyday . . . now to finally say "Up" instead of "Down" . . .

- Tony is working as needed with the remodeling company he first started out with. He loved the company so much, but unfortunately they just grew too fast right when the construction industry began to sink. They swelled to 30 employees before they had to begin laying off. Tony was one of the last to go, I think he was only the 4th or 5th left . . . The good thing is that he's figured at the rate they are paying him, if he works 4 days a week [which is not guaranteed] he'll make more than what they were paying themselves for the lawn care. This is great because Tony was working 6 days a week, driving 2 hours everyday, leaving the house at 6:30 only to return at 7:00. There's got to be an upshot there, right? The unknown of how much they will use him though is definitely scary.

- I really wanted to update my facebook status with "What does it take to get knocked up around here?" but only sent it to Tony as a text message instead. He laughed, but said he was glad I refrained as we're both pretty sure we wouldn't be happy with some of the responses or offers. ;) In all seriousness though with all of the uncertainty surrounding Tony's employment and how a summer baby would effect my photography business I think we've both relinquished control to God, finally. Our 2nd child will only come in His timing, so we might as well let Him set us on the correct course.

- This weekend is another huge business weekend for me as I have a double header wedding weekend! That's right, both Saturday and Sunday will feature big days and I'm so excited to team up again with Abbey Feldkamp. It's going to be a fun weekend for sure!

- Finally, please keep our family in your prayers as my Stepdad's Mom passed away late Wednesday night. She has been in failing health for the past year or so, so my family has made several visits to her in Texas, but even with a gradual decline this still feels so unexpected. Being a parent now, something just struck me about my Stepdad's position in life now, without his parents. Life is just so precious. My Mom and Dusty will be going to Texas for the funeral, so prayers for their safe travel are also appreciated.


Molly said...

Wow, big update. First of all, your photography is wonderful. I wish so much that I could take better photos. But I don't think it's in the cards for me. I have to hire someone like you to take them for us ;)

That little girls eyes are amazing and totally give me the itch for a girl. Sigh. I sigh because it will never happen. Never say never though, huh?

Ginger said...

I love your photography and I wish we lived closer or I could talk Mr. A into a trip to you for our maternity and newborn pics :)

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

The photography is wonderful Leah! You've been so busy, I always love hearing how you're growing. If we ever get closer to you guys (either moving or visiting), I'd love to do a shoot with you!

Today is our first day that is starting to feel like fall although Sunday it's supposed to be 51! Craziness but I'm stoked to finally break out the jeans and cardis, the last several days it's been in the uppper 90s here!

And I had to laugh at your "almost" facebook status, as I've kinda felt the same recently! I feel we've gotten to the point that we've really given up control to God but every now and then a reminder pops up that makes it extra hard! Praying for you guys!

Julie S. said...

Leah, you are so talented and I am learning TONS from you as I am starting to venture into this photography thing as well.

We have been talking baby #2 now too- crazy, right? But yes, God's timing is perfect. He can see the whole picture where we can't. How awesome is that?

yours truly, melissa said...

Leah, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I feel as though I use to have your email address and would've replied that way...but it seems to have dissapeared and I dont' see it on your blog anymore.
Anyhow I've enjoyed reading your blog these past couple years (has it really been that long) and really enjoy all your pictures too! You have a beautiful family.

abby said...

Ah! As you know, I've always loved your photography, but it seems to keep getting better and better! That newborn is precious. Also, that sweet little girl at the end is pretty adorable too :)

Meredith said...

I love LOVE Robin's wedding dress. It's beautiful!

Faith said...

Fall? What is this fall you speak of? Can you send it to Texas please?

Love the pictures you've been taking. I'm glad it's been going so well for you!

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

What beautiful photos! I have been (and will continue) praying for you three and baby #2! :)

Julia Goolia said...

you are a busy photog, lady ! How awesome! Love the pics. And I'm glad you didn't post that on FB because I'm sure lots of people would have opinions on that one. :)

Katie said...

Wow, you are busy!! I love the pictures and totally know what you mean about transitioning from shorts to pants. I put long sleeved pajamas on Juan the other night for the first time and he started pulling at the sleeves like "what is this". It was too cute!

ezza said...

busy busy!! the pics are looking great :) enjoy that fall weather for me- OK goes from summer to winter...


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