I Want to Cut Isaac's Hair.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's finally happened.

I have a desire to cut my baby boy's hair.

For the longest time, it was just completely absent. We both love his curls and it seemed apparent to us that others do as well, given that it is generally the first comment we hear towards his appearance.

But now, when I see that my little one is no longer very little and is in fact a boisterous toddling boy, there is a lot of emotional hang up to me in the length and curl of his hair. His first cut will definitely be full of meaning, as a transition from infant to little boy.

I wrote this post on weaning, which to me directly tied his curly hair to weaning to his need for me. The latter part of that sentence is a surprise to me. It wasn't even a fragment of a thought when I wrote the first "I" above, but it's no less true. I did not want to cut Isaac's hair previously to show the world my big boy, one who is all ready growing and developing away from me.

And then, Tony and I had a grand idea that we would cut Isaac's hair with a Big Brother t-shirt. We could think of no less dramatic or fun announcement to our pregnancy. All of the focus on Isaac, until a keen eye read the wording of his shirt, such a literal and figurative change in our family. I was close to purchasing a t-shirt on etsy, but never went through with the purchase. Obviously unneeded now.

This post seems rife with angst over a trivial haircut, but it isn't so silly to me. The fact that I am ready and want to cut his hair seems very important, but not a conversation to take place in person. I'm so glad for the opportunity to share these thoughts here.


Bethany said...

Oh Leah, I have to admit, when I first read the title of your post, I screamed NOOOOOO in my head. I too find myself with the battle of letting my baby go and the how/when is the best time to make that transition. I find it sometimes commical with how HUGE I make the littlest things in life seem. I than realize, if I feel that way about a certain event, they really arn't that little are they?! Sorry for rambling, but this post really hit home for me. Issac will remain as adorable as ever.

Bekah said...

I think I will battle this as well. Right now we are just excited he isnt bald anymore, but his hair is starting to get baby curl at the back, which I love. But like you said...they dont stay babies. I know I will hold on to his hair for a while longer, but I dont know when I will be ready to cut it.

Jenifer said...

I loved Ian's first haircut. I was nervous and nearly teared up a few times over the whole "he is so grown up" and getting his first hair cut. He looks different to me, older, changed, so independent.

I love watching him grow and change and get haircuts. He is so much fun. And, your time to buy that Etsy shirt will come soon we both are hoping for the same thing. Try not to fret too much on it and focus on the good, the future and what is to come.

This is such an exciting time as parents. They are old enough to not need you as much but at the end of the day they always come right back to their mama's. This morning Ian looked at me and said "I love you mommy" with his pacifier in his mouth as my Husband ushered him out the door to daycare. It was happiest moment I have had in a long time. After Ian said those sweet sweet words to me I realized I will again hear them from for the first time from our next baby and we hope that is sometime soon.


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