Hello, again.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Only one post last week?! That's craziness.

This past weekend was my "long" 4 day weekend. In this time, I:

- had an interesting potential client meeting.
- edited half of a wedding.
- snuggled my baby boy.
- allowed my husband to snuggle me.
- shot a wedding at a gorgeous location.
- survive a horde of mosquitoes.
- drove 3 hours to Marshall and back.
- successfully left Isaac for his first overnight with my Mom.
- oh yeah, I failed to mention that one didn't I?
- we left Isaac for the first time and he of course was not traumatized. :)
- Isaac slept the whole night in the pack and play!
- played a full 90 minute game of soccer against 18 year old girls.
- survived 90 minutes of soccer against ridiculously conditioned young girls.
- seriously barely survived.
- super thankful to have been coached by the woman who brought me to the program, as opposed to the one they have now.
- spent over 5 hours at the Varsity Pub, which only sounds worse than it actually was.
- in reality we ate there before everyone else arrived. Paninos + chili cheese fries + beer = happy tummy.
- picked up with soccer girls like we haven't lived our lives apart for 4 years.
- drove back to the Cities in record time.
- received a slightly less enthusiastic welcome from Isaac than Allie, our dog.
- enjoyed a picnic lunch with my parents at Como Zoo.
- showed Isaac all that the Como Zoo has to offer!
- split off from my family to do Erin's family session near the Oktoberfest on Saint Anthony Main.
- loved on a sweet newborn way too much! Judah was such a sweet sleeping cutie!
- drove home to pack up my family and head to my Dad's for a couple of hours.
- returned home at 9:00 and crashed, hard.

There will definitely be pictures to come.


Meredith said...

Holy cow! What a weekend! But it sounds like a good one too :)

AJ said...

Busy girl! And YAYAYAYAYAY for Isaac sleeping in the PnP all night! And YAYYAAYAYAY to you for surviving your first night without him, and the fast drive back :)

Sarah Louise said...

WOW! Busy weekend...but it sounds like it was also a lot of fun :)

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

Aw, I'm glad Isaac did well!!!

Faith said...

I'd need another weekend to recover from all that!


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